Price..... to? Neato. 3. Once you’ve run the lines long enough for any soil to have been flushed out, turn the water off and attach the end caps to all of your drip lines. I have installed 3 different brands and Mister Landscaper is the best. She also located her big potted plants under the support beams. Sadly from a lot of people who will never use them I’m afraid, lol. We of the contented drip irrigation system tribe. I think I may just buy 1/2 inch PV, cut 3 to 4 or so three foot pieces for each bed, drill 1/16 in holes and put them together with tees and elbows (connecting them without gluing, so I can take it apart each fall, and put back together each year, storing the pipes in my shed). Then pull the drip line tight and straight. HI Sandi! First comment: Are you sourcing for a local super market or something? Thank you!! This one is pretty easy to build and you have a few options regarding materials. It turns out drip systems aren’t all that difficult. Hi Autumn. 2. Indoor House Plants like her beloved Pilea Plants, Crafts, Home Projects, Coastal Fashion, and Gardening are just a few of the fun features within her blog. I feel inspired to try more again next year after reading this post!! I used multiple methods: 2 kinds of sprinklers, the flippy floppy wave (2 of them, 1 front and back) and the pin cushion, the bubbler (moved everey 7 minutes) 2 faucets, 4 different hoses, and the waterwand! Here’s a cross section of the soil after 1/2 an hour of the drip system running. Shucks! And then I got overwhelmed and confused and felt like I might stroke out so I continued with hand watering. Then attach the end of your supply hose to the filter. Everything is drip fed and lush and lovely. Follow these instructions and you can have it done in hours. Once you have assembled a system to cover your entire garden and have drip tape running immediately adjacent to the root zone of all of your plants and seeds, it is time to consider how best to water your plants without overwatering them. However, the holds are bigger than those in a soaker hose. Drip irrigation is just wonderful. When all is parched and crispy outside the potager I can wander down my rows of vegetables, fruit and flowers and know I am not a bad gardener. That’s why I didn’t include any music in that video. Filters. Explore Plus. Orbit Growing Plants Drip Kit (1) $39. 4. Drip irrigation is easy to install and even easier to use. They all had tiny spray heads of different elevations. So, all in all-a pretty good idea. Do you have to take it all apart in winter? Well designed set up. Try doing that while dodging a sprinkler. ~ karen! More pressure damages the drip emitters in the long run. There is one last (optional) step if you are tired of mixing fertilizer in a watering can, and watering each and every plant. People have gone nuts with buying up all the seeds, plants and gardening supplies. I only use compost as an amendment to my soil so I never even thought of adding liquid fertilizer but it’s a great idea and I’m sure you can figure out how to do it. This drip irrigation kit comes with 82 feet of 1/4 inch tubing that is leak-proof and weather-resistant. This is your first test run. ~ karen! Compare. Compare. There are no dry or missed corners. Hi Joseph. The water will spread out and down. I just wasn’t sure what size kit I needed or if I needed two of them or if I should just do it without a kit. Thanks for the reminder. This year I didn’t even have a veggie garden! Tape your pipe ends with plumbing tape (provided) and screw everything together. The preferred water-pressure for a garden drip system is 25 psi. The drip tube is used to deliver the water to the plant roots through the use of adequately placed emitters, and the stakes and clamps helps to keep it in place. A once chore of a project has now turned into a DIY Vegetable Garden Drip Irrigation project made easy! Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. so I only planted thinks that could handle once a week watering this year- sweet potato vines – thanks to your tutorial. Maybe you could give us some photos next spring as your veg friends are just showing? Have you had to fight off the flocks? Wooooo! Most of the time both faucets were running at the same time. But there are kit sizes for every garden if you take a look here. Drip irrigation tubing, stakes, and clamps are possibly the most important parts of the irrigation system. Are you tired of dragging out the hose to water? This is your first test run. A question Karen- Why have the water bubble up? Drip systems run for anywhere from 1/2 hour – 2 hours at a time depending on your soil. Okay I am going to buy this system. AND, every morning, I run one of the flipply floppy wave sprinklers for an hour and waterwand plants still (after years) stranded in their pots and ferns! Watering Equipments. Drip systems can save between 60 to 70 percent of water compared to traditional irrigation systems. I’m new to your blog and am enjoying your posts. You would not believe the thick crap I’ve been reading in an effort to figure out how these systems work. My quest for this summer is to find an easy method of injecting a liquid fertilizer in the system. This would be a great time to get it so it’s ready to go in the spring. *TIP:  If you’re working alone, lay a rock on one end of the drip tape while you run it to keep it in place. I probably should have come here first! For me there were 32 of them to fit. In between you garden hose faucet and the drip irrigation you can attach Drip Connection Fertilizer Injector System. Their versatility makes them a good choice for gardeners dealing with sloped ground. Your system is now fully installed. Run supply hose along where you want water. I love it! I have a Dubois irrigation system on a timer for part of my covered growing space. Attach all of your drip tape on/off valves. For me there were 32 of them to fit. You want it to have penetrated to at least 6″. Second comment: Excellent tutorial! It supplies the water directly to the roots of your plants, which reduces the amount of water you need to use. Do you get a commission? It says to disassemble the system after flushing it at the end of the season, and store the filter & pressure and the hoses inside for the winter. Have you considered this? Over time the drip lines might get accidentally punctured or develop holes that make the water squirt high in the air. Cart. Drip irrigation kit that includes tubing, drip tape, elbows, couplings, filter, pressure regulator etc. so… I don’t plan on filling him in on ‘drip watering’. If you’re ordering from the place I ordered from (Dubois Agrinovation) you’ll get the exact same parts that go together in the exact same order, the exact same way). I LOVE YOU!!!!! I live in coastal BC so our summers are more temperate. That’s cheap for garden happiness. Lay out all of your on/off valves where your drip tape meets your supply line. For this reason, drip irrigation and subterranean irrigation systems are excellent choices. Ants too, they really like jamming in there to get to that last drop of water. In between you garden hose faucet and the drip irrigation you can attach Drip Connection Fertilizer Injector System. Don’t be envious, in order to make time to do all of this I haven’t eaten or showered for approximately 3 years. An earwig could never get in them. I haven’t had any birds on my drip tape that I’ve seen. This is because the target plants only receive the water. Hi, Karen. I wish I could send you a picture….cause I’m quite proud of my resourcefulness….especially using what I had on hand to string up the tomatoes. Dummy me!! You’ll notice there aren’t any drip emitters. ONE WAY YOU’RE MAKING YOUR LIFE HARDER THAN IT NEEDS TO BE. Because the water is dripped so slowly it’s fully absorbed deeply into the soil with no run off. The kind of words that make you think you might need a degree in fluid physics before you can irrigate a bed of lettuce. The higher start-up cost means a larger investment, but most drip systems will perform for years to come. In fact, drip irrigation is ideal to use in the vegetable garden but also in a flower garden or in an orchard. I knew you would be the genius to have that figured out. Tape your pipe ends with plumbing tape (provided) and screw everything together. I really appreciate all of it and now I must tackle this before the snow flies. I can afford this. They just seeeeem difficult to the uninitiated. Installing Drip Irrigation in Your Home Garden. Enjoy Erin’s Beautifully Written Blog Featuring her Love of Houseplants, DIY Projects, NC Lifestyle Inspiration, and her Home & Garden. Hi! Wow! I lasagna love it. ~ karen! To water I attach the short hose to a soaker hose and open the valve on the trough trying not to forget to set a timer! If you have a normal sized garden and only need 10 rows of drip tape, a kit with everything you need will cost you $155. Awesome how to. Hi Karen, Unless you put all seeds and seedlings in at the same time in the spring, you may need to figure how to reinstall this in sections. You can get smaller kits from home improvement stores, but they really aren’t as good. But that wasn’t an option for me this year. Don’t worry about it. I found the plans on Pinterest. *(laying drip tape would be much easier in the spring when the garden isn’t full of plants). What’s to love you ask? Good job installing your drip system!! Nancy, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I bought and installed this sprinkler system for my small garden based on your recommendation. Hopefully you will convince others to leap in. :) ~ karen! Do they have a system for hanging pots as well? Right now. 9. How do you get it all done? ;) ~ karen! The best part of that was the cross section of soil to see how deep the water goes and how far it spreads. But in BC you might get away with leaving it on for just half an hour. Have you posted about these somewhere? Seems like a lot of work to have to take it all apart every fall and redo every spring, but then you can fuss with the beds, as in adding dirt and mulch, etc, before you plant. I’ve reconfigured it now for other shrubs/plantings. Every single inch of your garden is watered. You should have one drip tape per row of plants or approximately 1 drip tape every 12″. I installed a drip system with a timer in my garden beds this spring because I did not want last year’s $900 water bill to happen again. Thank you. Install a drip irrigation system in your home garden. Our experience with soaker hoses is that they tend to plug up with minerals over time and lose their effectiveness; I wonder if the drip tape does any better. Drip irrigation systems eliminate the need to drag around hoses and sprinklers. I can’t recommend one of these type of systems enough. Ahhh–life is good when you have an irrigation system! I had also written off your supplier as a source after being told by locals who should have known better they were too expensive for home gardeners. I put this in after planting 10 shrubs and a couple roses that I didn’t want to lose through a summer drought, and I didn’t want to be running in and out moving a hose back and forth. I discovered them a few years ago on the recommendation of a fellow super-serious gardener. The little sprinkler heads did not get enough water some places and too much other spots. This sounds really even easier, if that’s possible. Run your supply hose to where you want your drip hoses to run. One of the more relaxing chores in the world of gardening is sitting yourself down in a lawn chair, hose in hand, sending a gentle sprinkling of water onto your vegetable beds. Disappointed!! :). I can’t believe it’s that inexpensive! 8. Hope that helps. The home line generally has 70 to 100 psi pressure, which is good for sprinklers but not recommended for drips. Using the irrigation punch tool is how you will punch a small hole into the 1/2″ tubing thereafter inserting the 1/4″ barbed coupling then installing the 1/4″ tubing. Thank you for this. In very dry years various commercial drip systems have had problems with crows that sometimes punch holes in drip tape if the plastic is too lightweight. Compare. Yes, the holes are just tiny little dots. When I finally got around to installing a drip system I did that thing we all do when we put something off. I was afraid to do my own drip system, but will try next spring. Connect it to a timer, and your garden will water itself automatically, with minimal upkeep. I loved your mesh triangle bed covers. Sprayers: Used for garden beds, these can be directional or full 360 degree. I’ll have to find a pressure control, but they are sold at garden supply or places like Lowe’s or Home Depot. #gardening #garden, Do you have a clone? The drip system delivers water slowly through holes in the top of the drip tape. So choose the … 1. The Deluxe Drip Irrigation Kit for Vegetable Gardens can water up to 260 plants. AND, they recommend replacing the tape (not the hoses) every year to prevent bacteria/algae build up. Once you’ve run the lines long enough for any soil to have been flushed out, turn the water off and attach the end caps to all of your drip lines. ~ karen. If I was to install this, can I leave it in the garden over winter? Here are some common parts you may want to use: Pop up sprayers: These are great for lawns and can have a variety of spray patterns to suit your area. Its still way better than being a member of the “I can’t find anything to do” society. You should have one drip tape per row of plants or approximately 1 drip tape every 12″. ~ karen! I’m about to put in a drip irrigation system and was wondering how yours is holding up. Your blog seems really useful for us. It is like a military campaign every Summer, although a much longer draught this Summer, usually in July and August we get some heavy monsoon rains that drench the landscape a couple of times. I just set up this same system on 3 of my raised beds with tomatoes and I’m wondering how long you recommend running the system for during the summer. We once installed a drip system to water our 1.5 acre tree and shrub nursery. Drip irrigation equipment is readily available and can easily be installed by do-ityourselfers. 10. Login. I am sooooo excited. :) So you can have all beds going, 2 beds going, 5 … whatever you want. You’ll be fine and when you have to install new tape its 14-15 cents a foot 8ml good for 2 seasons 15ml good for 5 and it’s just a little more expensive. I”d be jealous if I wasn’t so happy for you. I made them out of brackets that are specifically for making this triangular top out of and I got them from Lee Valley. Along with Rain bird timers. I’m using rainwater and gravity to water my plants. We used 1/2″ conduit clamps to screw the tubing to our DIY custom vegetable garden fence; so season after season it would be ready for us, yet be out of the way when getting soil ready and planting. Hi Shelagh! MY FAVE, ...nothing better than growing your own food, I lo, My oh my how I simply ADORE @hossgardentools so ma, We’ve been busy building a Victory Garden during, 1/2 Inch Universal Hose to Faucet Adapter, Irrigation Support Stakes for 1/4-Inch Drip Tubing, Drip Connection Fertilizer Injector System, Spaghetti Squash; Small Wonder Winter Squash, How to Harvest, Bake, Cook & Eat; grow your own food, Get Rid of Mosquitoes Safely & Treat Bug Bites, How to Grow Pickling Cucumbers on a Simple Trellis. 7. Since drip irrigation keeps all the water down at the soil level, leaf disease does not have a chance to occur or spread within your garden. Still confused? To get started first find your water supply preferably a faucet near your garden. If you have 1,600 square feet,  a self diagnosed hyperactivity disorder, and soil that drains like a gambler’s bank account? Setting the timer is always a guessing game. It goes directly in the ground where you want it, not onto paths, not onto the dense layer of plant leaves and not into the air. Thanks for the birds-eye view of your garden. I never would have figured it out if the company hadn’t helped me. Attach your assembled filter and pressure reducer to your garden hose. ~ karen! Smile. Getting the most from your irrigation system. Great post! Some plants like tomatoes, squash, peppers are spaced far enough from each other that single emitters work best just using a small piece of 1/4″ tubing from the 1/2″ main tubing to each plant with an emitter on the end. I want a system but can not have rotted porch? Simply Living NC was created after Erin made a drastic lifestyle change within her life. Their stuff is always a great price. You’re brilliantly funny and capable. Home Improvement. It’s my dream improvement for this year. You can blame Coronavirus. Home » DIY » Installing Drip Irrigation in Your Home Garden. 4. I don’t get a commission. Drip Irrigation Kits for Gardens and Farms — Get everything you need to help your plants grow better and save when you shop the drip irrigation kits for gardens and farms at DripWorks. Your email address will not be published. It works especially well with raised beds which dry out more quickly than other types of beds. I’m not sure how it’s done over this particular winter because my community garden has been closed because of the pandemic. Since most DIYs tend to accumulate multiple projects and To Do lists, I refer to us as Do Yourself Inners. Doesn’t matter. Big swears too. If you’d like to Read our DIY CUSTOM VEGETABLE GARDEN FENCE; BLACK COTTAGE DESIGN BLOG CLICK HERE. Moreover, the idea of a drip system is to use slow irrigation, not a fast one. You, like many of us DYIs, often purchase products from Lee Valley, yet you didn’t use the product they offer? Most drip tape uses approximately 5 gallons of water per hundred feet of tape per minute. Great setup. This is a complete, self-contained drip irrigation kit that comes with everything you need to create a working system. Your’s is a thing of beauty! We also want to draw your attention to our Starting a Vegetable Garden’. →Follow me on Instagram where I often make a fool of myself←, Hello Karen, I ended up emailing the company I buy my row cover from and asked them to help me. How long do you run the system? Many thanks for any info you may offer before I make the plunge. The height of sprayers can be adjusted with risers. Required fields are marked *. Thanks a bunch for enjoying my blog, I hope you’ll Follow Along!I hope I’ve helped to inspire you to: “make memories, live simply & follow the sun!”I’d LOVE so much to hear from you, if you have a moment Leave a Comment below to share your Experience, Ask a Question, or simply say Hi!Peace, Love, & Simplicity,Erin, Your email address will not be published. People interested in waterwise gardening should consider drip irrigation. The only thing you need to take apart and bring inside is the filter and pressure gauge. However, we got a ton of rain this year in Massachusetts and I kept forgetting to turn the system off on rainy days so I lost a bunch of stuff to rot and over-watering. Close the valves at the end of your supply line, make sure all the drip line valves are open and turn the water on. You can also learn more about how much water to give your plants and the best times to set your timer for the water to be delivered. Palram Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Accessory Kit (5) $62. Wooooo! That’s the kind of lazy, hours long fun you can have when you’re retired. :) ~ karen! Installation was so rewarding I wanted to put an ad in Craigslist that if you needed flower bed irrigation, call me, I would do it for free. Here are a few things: So, just like installing LED lighting which you can read about here, drip irrigation can seem a bit YIKES, but once it’s explained by someone as stupid as you are, it all makes sense. I can’t believe I put it off for years before I installed. I watched you install the drip tape connectors and did not recognize the shut off valve on top of the connectors. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. No waste of water. Drip irrigation is a low-pressure, low-volume lawn and garden watering system that delivers water to home landscapes using a drip, spray or stream. I want one for the front yard and one for the back yard. Drip irrigation stretches water supplies and may be exempt from water restrictions imposed during drought. 6. If you create something to catch the drips from watering it would be fine though. This system of watering a lawn, garden or field will save you a lot of effort and time over doing this manually with a hose. Could you run beer through to eliminate them? Close the valves at the end of your supply line, make sure all the drip line valves are open and turn the water on. Rain Bird LS & Garden Drip Watering Kit (19) $99. RAIN BIRD 1/4 inch Tubing 50 ft. (64)-Compare. Hi S. That’s the recommendation from the company that I bought the tape from. It comes with adjustable hoses and is perfect for numerous irrigation schemes. 3★ & above. Drip irrigation is an effective system for watering gardens. Here’s how to attach the drip lines to the supply line. Do you have to disassemble after the growing season is over or just let it lay where you have it now? ~ karen! All Rights Reserved. How long you run the system depends on what type of soil you have and how loose it is. You tend to thoroughly research before investing in a product, so I’d like to take advantage of your knowledge. ` karen! That’s a TON of produce! I bought a stop valve for the drain on the trough and attached a short hose that reaches each raised bed where I have soaker hoses that are entwined between my veg plants. Huh. Works great. I really detest this system, I can’t remember the name of it, it’s nearly useless, you have to water for 3 years to get a good watering. They’re pretty touch tapes but I have no idea how they’d do against a crow. Also, do you cover the drip tape and supply hose with anything (like mulch or plastic) during the winter? He’s a market farmer. You mean so you aren’t needlessly watering beds that don’t have anything in them? They sell all the stuff you need for drip irrigation including entire kits with everything included. I’m not sure if they have hanging basket ones or not, but I can say I had a drip system for my porch hanging baskets yearsssss ago and the floor boards underneath them all rotted from the excess water dripping out of them, so keep that in mind. But, all the systems in the link in your post are OUT OF STOCK. Spaghetti Squash Recipe! Her life transformation of living a less is more lifestyle has inspired her to share her transformation with others! Within a few days someone from the company sent me back a mock up of my garden with a drip layout, a list of everything I needed to do it and the price it would be ($324 for my entire 40′ X 40′ plot.). I’m curious how well the drip tape holds up in regions with hard water. I think at one point I was supposed to but their online system was never set up properly, lol. Everything was fine the next spring. To run the hose to where you need it you may need to cut the supply hose and attach elbows or tees, like you see in my photos. Each piece of drip tape already has holes in it where the water seeps out. Also, check if your municipality offers rebates for installing drip systems – I know mine does. A system of tubing and nozzles (emitters) allowing you to pinpoint exactly where the water is going. Florida requires almost daily watering of potted plants that hang under roofs but in the sun. You can see how far down and wide the water has travelled. A drip irrigation system keeps roots moist, but not soaked, all while using less water than other irrigation techniques. Also I’d bought other garden things from them before and was happy with them. Do you still like it? Ahhhhh. :). I got drip in my california garden everywhere, its terrific. Although plants that are planted closer together like beans, cucumbers, or kale this types of plants could benefit more from using 1/4″ tubing with 6″ emitter spacing and planting right along the tube. Not to worry, with our DIY Vegetable Garden Drip Irrigation it’s a once tough process made easy! I can do this. Erin’s motto: … “make memories, live simply & follow the sun!”. Here’s a video of the entire drip system after I’ve installed it so you can make sense of the layout and what it all looks like. OK, so my question comes so late after your post on irrigation….. something I’ve been contemplating for years, but never got around to eliminating from my To Do list. I’m not sure Loraine, I don’t have hard water. It took 3 days after work to install (working 2-3 hours each time) and I love it with all of my heart. Can you direct me to them if you have? Perhaps I’ll try again, improvements must have been made by now. Drip irrigation works best in larger gardens configured in long, straight rows. 4★ & above. I’m not sure what you mean Dale. It’s a great system and I highly recommend it. I have “installed” (throw down skinny plastic pipe on the ground) Mr Landscaper drip irrigation in 2 homes in my previous life. Now if you could do a drip system for pots on my back porch without having hose run all over the floor – dream come true. This drip line is the BEST thing I’ve done in my garden. :) ~ karen! Start your project at the end of your garden that’s closest to the water supply. Nice job as always!! Not once did you mention a double check valve or an atmospheric vacuum breaker backflow preventer. We would order stuff together because if it’s over $70 (I believe) shipping is free. You can set it to a timer and forget about it. You will use this supply tubing as a way to get water to all spots of the garden, therefor you will want it close to plants, but not right up against them. I went to the website and downloaded the brochure. In my case I needed to run 2 supply hoses, one to feed the left side of my garden and one to feed the right side. I ordered a bunch of cement blocks and built a platform higher than the raised beds, put a livestock water trough on top of it and placed it under my downspout. I started using drip systems back in the 80’s. You can send me a picture at [email protected] I’d love to see it! The Padram Drip Irrigation Kit is the perfect small irrigation system for home gardeners and hobbyists. She moved away before we got together to do mine and I just don’t take the time every day to water all the plants on my porch in pots or hanging baskets. Common setup mistakes include not installing a filter or pressure reducer, use of overly … Should I mention your name? Here it is in a nutshell. So the first year I blew out all the lines by dragging my air compressor up to the garden with me. Run your supply hose to where you want your drip hoses to run. This is alarming at first. Micro-sprinklers, drip irrigation, and soaker hoses are all low-volume and highly efficient irrigation techniques when used correctly. As always, such a pleasure reading your blog. ~ karen! Travel quaint NC Small Towns like a local and be inspired with Vacation Sights to See! Read on to learn all about installing DIY drip irrigation. Thank you! Thanks to an easy installation and versatility of the design, drip irrigation is even suitable to use on roof gardens or terraces. Karen Bertelsen. Chris O. Hi Christine! I am sure the garden genius you are, you have figured this out already. Your email address will not be published. Thanks, But as of last fall it had held up perfectly. Thanks for all the info and vids-you rock, as usual! Plants in your garden will grow better with even soil moisture and irrigation can be a great way to not only conserve water, but also reduce stress to your plants and physiological issues like cracking and blossom end rot.

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