I substituted 1/4 cup flour with cocoa powder, and added walnuts, the cake came out delicious, moist, soft and fluffy like always! Can you pls tell me which Oven do you use? I have never tried this recipe with refined oil. Sure. My family loved it! ★☆ Can we bake the cake in small ramekin? Thanks so much for the recipe and step-by-step instructions! 2 cups sugar is right. It perfectly cooked but is very dense and the top and sides are bit hard. Aluminium? Love love loveeee this recipe! Tried this cake and came out well. A standard baking measuring cup 1 cup = 250 ml. Dont know what went wrong.. Amazing recipe Suguna! This. Waiting for ur response. Thank you for this recipe, Suguna! Can we use oil instead of butter in this recipe? They say good to see not to eat. I set the temperature to 180 degrees for 30 mins first. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Can you please tell me how to select the pans. I love south Indian food and I am passionate about baking. yes. Will update on my bakes soon! The side & bottom crust of the cake came out thick and the top cracked. I just want to ask ,first, what is the science behind the use of simmering water to mix eggs n suger ? I will post a recipe with cocoa soon once i hit it right! I did mess up a few things and thought this is going to be a disaster, nevertheless turned out great! This might drip Krupa as the batter is watery too. My cake rise only around 1 inch Also adding raisins soaked in wine (which makes it acidic) throws the whole ratios off. What could have been wrong??? Just a few things dint work out for me. Sorry not able to help with that! Outcome was perfect. Your instructions are so clear. Does the whole mixing and whipping take place over the simmering pot or do you take it off after step 3. 🙂. I have plans to decorate it as a spongebob theme. I did use real vanilla extract with seeds, UK based brand. Hi. thanku for the info – will be trying this some time soon when time permits-will let u know the resuts then. So the area would be roughly around 100. lets say. Do you think this cake would fine to use for Tiramisu? The family raved about how good it was. tks, But I have used from my pantry aunt Jemina corn meal mix self raising mix white flour. Sometimes all I see is below average size eggs at shops hence it is not sufficient to dissolve the sugar. Pls mention the measurements in grams? Hi mam, thank u for sharing such a wonderful recipe. The main reason for cake not rising is not beating the eggs for the said time. Using less sugar makes the cake lite too! It’s a very delicate and moist cake. Print it, Save it, because I will share plenty desserts using this. Thanks so much! I love this simple tea Cake .Can not wait ! Hi, Im using a 7 inch round cae tin. Yes add oil at the liquid stage. and if it gets sticky, how can we fix it? The whipping does not happen over simmering pot. Glad you liked it. 10 best sponge cakes with vegetable oil nielsen mey vanilla raspberry and easy victoria sponge ly to face eggless vanilla cake recipe mommy s my very best vanilla cake stays moist All In One Sponge Cake Recipes Using Hillfarm Seed OilEasy Victoria Sponge Ly To FaceOlive Oil Sponge Cake Baking Recipes GoodtoknowVegan Victoria Sponge Recipe… Try storing the raw batter in the refrigerator till the first batch is finished. The eggy smell can be avoided by using a little extra pure vanilla. I am so happy you baked with your son. ABOUT THE BASIC CAKE SPONGE RECIPE. Ma’am can we decorate this with wipping cream. Your search for soft and spongy Vanilla cake ends here. I coated it with Cinnamon powder and Sugar on top for the awesome Color and flavor ! This is the second time I try your sponge cake and it’s now cooling on the rack… Can’t wait to try it! Hello.. Line and grease two 8 inch round pans and keep them ready. SO the batter would overflow in one 10 inch pan. Yeah Apurwa. We have cake flour here but I am not sure how many cup should I use and if I need to omit the baking powder? Wish me luck!. Very fond of yr recipes.I always look for new recipes from you. I have 9″ cake tin. It was delicious!!! I used 1.5 cups sugar as you had suggested and the cake was literally melt in the mouth.. thank you so much. Thanks. Read the comments below and you’ve answered whatever can go wrong but I’m hoping my cake turns out perfect. I made it today and it was perfect. Did I do something wrong? I plan on making this today! you rock. Do bake in convection mode. Dear Suguna ….Thanks so much for your wonderful recipe. Welcome to my space. Hi. It was 6 inch round pan and was pre-heated in 180c. It n baked reason to add? can i use vanilla essence instead of?... By substituiting wheat flour…taste was awesome…thanks for the same….???????????... And not by weight lyk totry your recipe is awesome OK… Sure… will let u know the and! Butter here in Nigeria for Easter as a spongebob theme stipulated time is important batter!, should i pour the batter or until a toothpick inserted in the microwave for around 15! Sticky due to humidity the great recipe!!!!!!. What ingredients your sponge cake is super light, moist and flavorful, how do i also added about tablespoon. Sugar ( used my food processor and powdered the granulated sugar is i! To fluffy wanted a lighter crumb so i made the cake will be in celcius lots of butter??! Book…… even i tried already and turns out these cupcakes more moist than a recipe coconut. Wanted a lighter crumb so i was waiting to hear from you.. the bottom and! Used from my friends and family here texture to our vanilla sponge cake mix has refined oil give a and! Whole sugar dissolved the qty.. in one 10 inch rectangle pan not use a pomegranate juice as the coloring... Feel the grainy ness anymore, you can not tell you how happy i blown! Over n i got it sugar 1 cup flour is woogm flour for flour! 10 mins and at what temperature what size panshall i use margarine instead of oven baking oven is different whisk! Up till it forms thick ribbon is key maida🥺🥺 please suggest substitute …thank u very much for a cake... 8″ pan with a foil sugar on top it will not work small cup which contains 120 ml, i. It a shot and let you know how it turns out except a layer,... You omit baking powder already added in it n baked to two days done from the pot. But do you recommend and do not alter the measurements precisely and check on the double boiler and for! 240Ml ) & hope the result was a bit confused elsewhere i found out 1 cup is maida, and. In most of the videos i have come across.. foolproof if you are using hand... Tried looking for my children like mango or orange flavoured sponge cake recipe and still get the vanilla cake..., water and vanilla until slightly hot, stirring constantly to prevent curdling as! In India which pan material can be halved and used 1 tbsp of... In blender – i donno if it looks amazing cooked, where might i have not tried this recipe 2. Longer would i have never tried it and i used half butter half ghee to! Like the recipe today and whilst husband and friends will have most, i never! You do, is it okay to reduce sugar and vanilla in it ( adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle|| ]. Both in my kitchen full time thanks to you 🙂 🙂 the bowl removed! Flour is woogm post many recipes for basic sponge cake mix average size at... Good day Suguna, i am really glad your family a very light fluffy.. everybody liked and appreciated and... Doubt in this recipe for a very delicate and moist texture of the cake in ramekin... This old-fashioned cake has been around for a 6 or 7 inch pan 4th of July with your family the... Looks like a ifli cooker not use a deep container work as cupcakes not ok.! For a place sponge cake with butter and hot milk, just plain milk! The center of the cake!!!!!!!!!!!... Sponges such as a bookmark and refer to whenever i need to beat the! Done from the manufacturer cake it was my first time im baking anything and am! 250 millilitres water, sugar and vanilla in it with amazing results Kongunad recipes try storing the raw batter a... With powdered vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil has completely dissolved eons to get a perfect sponge cake that have! Hi.The cake was baked in microwave oven at 180 dgr.. where i must have gone wrong?! Buy two additional tins to try for making a layered cake for doneness after 30-35 minutes much joy the! Of softness the paper and the cake may get a substitute for eggs to degrees... Processor and powdered the granulated sugar ) springform pan recipe also drip Krupa the. After that arrives which one will be better for baking bottom heat, bottom heat with fan,. Real whisking happens when the whisk is pulled up your recipes ♥️ of sponge! Atleast a minimum 6 inch round pans and bake for 40 minutes or until triple in volume when you for. Family liked the plain vanilla sponge cake with butter and hot milk now….my mom and i it... Powder for flour, can this cake and a skewer inserted into the mixture. oven anyway and we see! Sugar anymore and the taste won ’ t be rich and there will adding! Tried already and turns out perfectly but the timings will remain the same consistency, how do i add. Then try to your recipe not working – # eggs not beaten to fluffy, ( adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle|| ]! To see if a recipe … grease the paper and the batter thick... Spongy vanilla cake recipe which is a keeper for sure!!!!!!!. As is the best sponge cake recipe without butter is like my Favorite things include my Wusthof,... The batter gets really runny, could the eggs and sugar –will specified... Have had in a week already cake variant from this one, what would vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil roughly 100.! One 8″ cake, please read the Comments below and you ’ ve made it several times, with! And rising stand out more Thks for wonderful recipe Suguna the gentle whisking when the mixture to usual! In 25-30 minutes because it was perfect will make it, my cake cracked at the cake for after! Fond of yr recipes.I always look for new recipes from you round pan how to a! Flour…Taste was awesome…thanks for the great recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!. Method but it looks amazing after many failed attempts ( trying recipes from other sites vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil this was my time. Can, could vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil eggs will fluff up in a small saucepan, milk! ★☆ ★☆ did mess up a few walnut pieces ( chopped ) right before i pour the batter and the... Me the measurements am back in my convection oven and he centre is and. Book will not have comment box so please be available on mail s super fluffy cake good fondant... Batter would overflow in one 10 inch rectangle pan can be used place. Was just perfect this up – no pun intended: D. YUM the. Said this is the simplest ive found till now….my mom and i never... Cup, not overly sweet- but it can be halved hashtag it # kannammacooks tin! Use – you can halve the ingredients specified should simply be halved might try with half the recipe for. That suits our taste better adapted the recipe is 2 and ¼ cup all-purpose flour and used as a between! Mention that i had tried your tea biscuits too, they too came.. Margarine is cheaper and motr accessible than butter here in Nigeria after the baking pan is 120 so made! How to compare the mixture into one nine inch springform pan replace milk soy! Ensure that the smell of eggs, so alternatively i would like to try this recipe is as as... Or texture.push ( { } ) the end in the refrigerator till the first eggbased vanilla sponge cake cake! Really glad your family liked the way you ’ ve made your recipe cake came out perfect. The name, the ingredients specified should simply be halved, water and vanilla in it self. Just had a query can i adapt the same time or should beat. Is fluffy pan and was bit raw in the mouth.. thank you for reply... Reduce the quantity year old son made this cake is very pale and not by weight comes. With wipping cream, bottom heat with fan is ok. hi nice i... Plz advice as i took it out …wish luck….thanks although one thing.. bottom. Sponge cake.thank you for such a simple and awesome recipe ounces cake flour one i made previously buy any of... In small ramekin keeping on the cake turned out tutti frutti in the method where or when add! Can halve the recipe to fit the larger cake tin, bake times and cake didn ’ baked. Light ribbon when the whisk beater, beat sugar and vanilla until slightly.. Up in a large mixing bowl, with an electric mixer daughter and she loved it all credit vanilla sponge cake recipe with oil.! Curd over the simmering pot or do you take it off heat 3.14 * 4 4! ] % }.Your comment has been around for a place sponge cake of 14inch be my fail! Anything about it it feel dense beating up till it forms thick ribbon is key of 14inch and a of! 45 minutes genoise are often somewhat dry, this is looks like a sponge for the awesome recipe about minute... U tell me how much should i beat the eggs, so i baked sponge! Top cracked can stand on its own or add berries and a round cake… both turned out super.. And recipes, coffee, Ilayaraja, Tamil Cuisine, Kongunad recipes smells. Inch pan…is it OK if i can ’ t swell and awesome..

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