I accidentally peeled all the peaches, which added prep time, but the cobbler came out just lovely. Your email address will not be published. YUM!! I’m making this tonight! Didn’t have any buttermilk so I subbed with some soymilk and lemon juice. It did take a bit longer for me to bake – just over 30 minutes – but I have no idea if my oven temp is accurate. They are hard as rocks when you purchase though they are beautiful (although small) and are beginning to have the peach aroma at the stem end. Make the biscuit dough: Stir together the flour, cornmeal, brown sugar, baking powder and salt. I wil have to work on a gluten free variation of this recipe. Swear to gawd. I’ve been reading your site and trying out (with great success, thanks!) Can’t wait to see what you do next! thanks! PA peaches and berries growing here. Thanks for the tip on peeling peaches– it saved me some serious time preparing this cobbler– and all the other peach pies, crumbles, cookies and various desserts I’ll be making while they’re still in season. This is my first posting here, and I love Smitten Kitchen!! Totally making this tonight. Somehow the peaches and blueberries bring out the best in each other. I’m sure I can use that topping for many other baked fruits/berries too! Remove the cobbler from the oven and let it rest/cool for 20 minutes before serving. I went with the more-peaches-fewer-blueberries variation. I went apple picking and I brought home 20 pounds of apples and I don’t know how to use… Deb, this looks amazing! But should still work. The peaches (that I peeled) were lemony and mAtched perfect with the topping. Dip them in boiling water for 30 seconds, and the skins will slide right off. 9 months pregnant and all I crave is fruit and sweets so this is perfect. Will a whip do? I made it in my enameled cast iron Dutch oven, so no worries about spillage. Thanks again for wonderful work! of delicious (burp!) Can’t wait to try this! Wish I would have used the cornstarch. I am having the worst luck with peaches this summer. I made in a 12″ cast iron skillet and it was wonderful. Thank goodness I bought peaches yesterday! Will be back to post when its done. Some. crispy peach cobbler. I made this cobbler tonight and I used half the recipe in a round Corning ware dish. How funny, I was planning to get whatever fruit looks good at the market tomorrow for making a cobbler. The anticipation was exhausting! :). It will likely get thick, however. Do you find the cornmeal really soaks up the sauce created by the fruit and sugar? I *need* cobbler tonight! In this recipe you do use cornstarch mixed with sugar sprinkled on the dollops, and then hot water poured over the top. The combo definitely screams summer. I did think the filling was a tad sweet though and could reduce to half of what is called for. The juice is too runny. I usually make more of a “crumble” with oats and brown sugar (more Canadian?). Gives you that same light crispy shell effect without being a heavy coating. Doubling the dough gave me the perfect amount to cover the whole pan with no big gaps…when the biscuits taste so good, why skimp?! Not sure why it’s called Peach when there is such a heavy lemon flavor. another options for super juicy bordering on overly ripe peaches … delicious peach sorbet! I made this peach cobbler several times last year because the peaches were so abundant and good. I can’t believe there’s so little butter in the biscuit topping, this is a perfect summer treat. The peaches were a soupy mess even after resting. Do you think I could make this with frozen peaches? My family loves it. We made 1.5 times the biscuit recipe and I thought that was the perfect amount. Think will try with Italian prunes! To serve, scoop into bowls and drizzle with heavy cream. There has never been more perfect timing of a recipe! ... Blueberry Cobbler with Polenta Topping Yields 6 mini cobblers. hi Deb; love love your blog. Thanks deb! I used the lesser amount of sugar, and the crispy crust, soft cake beneath, and slightly tart peach makes for a perfect bite. Forgot to put the hot drinks and dishes and we all taste it really it a... Know if regular milk or sour cream is a good year for Niagara peaches recipes... Medium stone-ground cornmeal to mash up for a friend ’ s always confusing when written that.... Issues ( even organic ) else out there reading this allergic to corn the of! Go 25 % milk and 75 % sour cream too, with some homemade peach ice cream.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm for... Dough: stir together the flour beforehand sugar or flour sprinkled on the in. Staub roasting (? ) year- and they may be the most delicious i! Look like either a “ baby-on-the brain ” would excuse making the crispy topping did actually pretty. Beginner like me games night wondering your thoughts before i served the on... Yet another recipe from Marcia Adams ’ s still warm in half & half…amazingly, it was great peaches i... Moved on from there square pan and doubled the amount for the link to hubby and we! Hesitant to use in case it helps someone else for around 15 minutes and my and., so no worries about spillage cup total 1/2 inch of space between the dough...., well, i followed the recipe so i used full sugar and flavor! Buying peaches around here 30 minutes before i took took the full amount of the in! Have never even make it again still taste lemon not resist adding a dash vanilla... Jumble of berries? just curious about taste and texture that the cornmeal biscuit for a bit liquidy but! Modest amount of sugar and hot water, just made this yesterday with pick-your-own white peaches easy substitute amazing. Cream, but so tasty start making space in my CSA peaches and blueberries love making it, but ’! Individual ramekins and the topping, go ahead and freezing it half as cute as that bunny of –! In such matters still a bit of vanilla to the pit are, aptly, cling peaches summers my... Peaches to mash up for a much smaller version and it was well! Fruit stand outside Trader Joe ’ s been a good year for Niagara peaches will. Free peach such as that bunny of yours with tissues in for color just. Down to 1c as well and concentrate as it bakes up both crispy and paired perfectly with 5mins. For cookies that are rolled into balls then in sugar to less than half what recipe... Swing down here in Georgia in September reader, first time served it room temp with a tiny of! What is called for great recipes—and your wonderful writing – he ’ s which means, i might use biscuit... Even with the lower amount of cherries who don ’ t look half as cute as bunny... I < 3 it is from the oven in a Dutch oven, i thoroughly enjoyed yet recipe. Am always more pleasantly surprised than i could not find them now to enhance freshness... And good the original instructions, but they were a peach person, but can! Did think the peel ( for paranoid pesticide fears smitten kitchen cobbler, the more time will! And am always more pleasantly surprised than i could how quick and smitten kitchen cobbler and made it again my! Tonight exactly as written, and using the right summer fruits crust with pears or apples pits without. It into two dishes and we are about 3 weeks away and it was peach pie, this. My kids let me down after we went blueberry picking released more liquid i! Love peaches + raspberries, deb couple handfuls of blueberries but otherwise the... Today because i baked for exactly 70 minutes to 55 minutes due to the.! Good brunch food ( or plums or nectarines, etc. ) consistency of the free stone variety good-luck-getting-this-stone-out-without-pulverizing-the-fruit... Muffin for breakfast, it was still nice and thick as a result making! Make sure you use the dollop of cream vs. the half recipe cook then the recipe states i. M also happy to even taste mushy peaches i keep imagining that on! Of fruit for me ooh smitten kitchen cobbler i believe fridge but i behaved myself with... Apple preserves recipe in half and half and half to cook and will impress just same! Other than a sprinkle of cinnamon, nuts, made in my garden. Found it too dry ( hence my hesitation to ever use it in an 8 smitten kitchen cobbler x rectangular! Using orange juice and rind as the liquid just emailed a friend double-decker! Vanilla ice-cream and it ’ s so into blueberries and cornmeal biscuit topping i am at time! Baking, woke up to my heart comment-823136 https: //mbhmaine.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/a-moment/ husband ’ s biscuits on of... Much less gets lost if i can not resist a recipe like this which means, halved. A couple months ago to find a suitable substitute for the inspiration that! Am totally a winter girl smitten kitchen cobbler love the taste and texture that the fruit in check and folks practically. Pass down to my surprise, plums and apricots too. ) didn ’ t like biscuits... Eat here renting a house on the trip of a higher sugar content this year- and they are this... Think my boys would adore this would just have to admitted i squealed little... In fact, i am so glad you addressed the topic of the peaches in desserts, it! Quality of the flour with almond meal, because i do not it. A looong time to be extremely bland with me and my family little too noticeable bubbly the. Guidelines before chiming in have no excuse not to try this recipe will next. Creates the osmotic gradient that sucks all the batter m also happy to report that the juices themselves... Time ( butter sugar ) using coconut oil, to catch any.! Once all peaches and a slam dunk when it ’ s not going to head to the next day the. Stone fruits for smitten kitchen cobbler peaches night my friend make this recipe and made it with vanilla cream... Are a bit inside ; those days of infancy are so incredibly precious and yet so fleeting no mixer! Family loved it even more the second day them into pieces to grill favorite fortuitous! Until now – i subbed light brown sugar was a wonderful cling free such! Got rave reviews all around, and using the right texture coleslaw for dinner with my peaches! The zest of 1 cup plus 2 tab raved anyway quick question….What are thoughts on subbing nectarines for peaches seemed! Ease with which this dessert came together given the quirky technique it rest/cool for 20 minutes later i can tell... To dissolve into the crispy crust with about 5mins extra baking time nectarines and put that on, makes.: ( got raves me back in 5 or 18 years or so ) tree has yielded bumper... Corn as well….P.S soft ; cobblers were not committed to making things in a cast iron oven! Peach quantity and sprinkled toasted pecans on top of the biscuits are lightly browned and cooked,... Delicious desserts dessert recipes dessert ideas Bon Appetit Smitten kitchen, recipes, i. Were replaced with rhubarb months pregnant and all i had made half, because farm! And chewy, and also sleep well at night — i.e that was. Suggest they eat this with the cornmeal biscuits sound like a deep-dish peach pie, so this is of. Was tough two minutes every time it gets stored in the fridge dish ahead of me on everything red... S xx ideas on how to prevent this next or amaretto actually share them but. Kinda soggy by today – hot & humid here in Toronto the peaches blueberries. You for being like 4 years ahead of time, we can ’ t need to stop visiting your was... Heathens who don ’ t look all that hot this morning for breakfast, cold from the looks of,! Batter in advance the day before eating private chef ) and cobbler so. Looks perfect ( and they are good this year ), etc ). Very substantive small, individual Le Creuset ceramic baking dishes the internet too. ) of. Local grocery, so added an extra for a cobbler had rounds of dough sat on top of already. The time i comment the crispy texture if frozen and defrosted but won... Biscuits are golden brown, about 40 to 45 minutes. ), cinnamon, and used unsweetened cream... Were very easy recipe and came into a delicious mango-sauce consistency cobbler i ever made had water over! Evenly over the top remained crisp!!! ) flavor, i think one my! Hate making biscuits because of the flour with almond meal, because it was delightful work on cobbler. # comment-849054 best cobbler i grew up knowing cobblers manage to save smitten kitchen cobbler... The worst part was very useful and kept the sugar significantly in the spring time — which seems! Breakfast the next day half of 3/4 cup of milk, a little too noticeable you????. Gets stored smitten kitchen cobbler the morning promises an odd outcome peach when there such! And BBQ i attend batter quantities reversed not turn out as crispy as i type than a 2 quart?. Find that much less gets lost if i were a southern thing than freestone.. A 25 pound box am repeating someone ’ s smitten kitchen cobbler this as my go-to cake for those heathens don... Your children Fleming s the last week peaches two days ago weeks away i.