As, well he helped instill personal confidence in the two of us to do things that I never once felt afraid or doubted my ability to achieve.  Toiletries and small towel (keep to a bare minimum – the huts have minimal washing facilities) The Walker’s Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt takes the hiker on a visually stunning journey between Europe’s two most iconic mountains – Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. —Michele B., VT, USA, “The Haute Route trip that your company has put together was truly outstanding! I would highly recommend Thomas to any group. Mid-August to mid-September: In warm summers and especially after a low-snow winter, our late-season trips may require itinerary adjustments because: 1) Low snow coverage on the glaciers has reduced or eliminated crevasse bridges, which makes the glacier travel more cumbersome, 2) Increased rock fall hazard on some route sections, namely the ascent to the Bertol Hut, 3) more difficult crampon work in steeper sections, sometimes with bergshrunds and motes opening up, namely on the ascent to the Col Superieure de Tour. In the mountain huts you’ll be staying in dormitories which include shared bathroom facilities. Another option is to use light mountaineering boots, a little stiffer in the sole than trekking boots, like the Sportiva Trango or the Scarpa Charmoz. The 11-day tour is a great choice if you want the best hiking the Haute Route has to offer but don’t have time for the full 14-day trip. The itinerary was pretty challenging and made it worthwhile. €2699 per person based on double occupancy. I already did recommend this to numerous friends who might try their luck next year. All downhill today: On well-marked trails via the hamlet of Zmutt with plenty of opportunities for postcard shots of the Matterhorn all the way to Zermatt. From Chamonix, we will hike the south side of the valley in the Aiguilles Rouge range in from of the Mont-Blanc! Otherwise, you likely will find it too challenging. Luggage transfer is NOT available on this trip as it is EXTREMELY expensive so we don’t offer it as an option. Is it any surprise we had such a cracking adventure…” like in the old times. Drinking water is available by purchasing bottled or boiled water/tea at a cost of approximately US$10 per litre.  Hand sanitizer or sanitary hand wipes (small personal amount) Haute Route without hut lodging:  Very fast groups can do the entire Haute Route in 4 days with only 1 hut night in the Bertol Hut – all other nights would be in hotels in villages along the way. Make Enquiry. Group of 5 participants: Our advertised trip price Our hiking tour is available to start from July 2020. The Hiker’s “Haute Route” is an entirely non-technical hike without any glacier travel or exposed trails. I realize this can happen to anybody – I’ve been there myself. I think she and I might have felt a bit more comfortable to be notified of this arrangement ahead, and if possible not to share the room (of course, I can only speak to myself), but again, I don’t feel this created any complexity or unease that we couldn’t handle. We go into the mountains for the mountains, not to enjoy a fine dining experience. Seb handled this on the best possible and professional manner, and we didn’t even have to change too much of our original course, and had lodging in town, and even though we had this bump in the road, I think everything ticked pretty well. The room was very very nice, the breakfasts were great and the woman at the front desk was just terrific. The distances and ascents/descents are approximations as are the hiking times. The cost is about 85 Swiss Francs per person for the 4-hour train ride. The lodging in general was very good, save for one exception – as it happens, in the hotel at Champex Melissa and I had to share a room.  Light, summer gaiters (unless pants seal tightly to your boots) Along the way, the trail passes by 10 of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps, as it winds its way through glacial valleys, alpine meadows, and enchanting villages. Schonbielehutte serves excellent food (we didn’t stay there). They will drop you off right at your hotel. The 14-day trek is for purists who want to do the Haute Route in its entirety without skipping any sections or taking transfers and be fully immersed in nature. Those who haven’t, can hear the mountains call. Alex Roddie offers the lowdown on this classic trek, and tells a few tales from the trail… I first visited the Pyrenees in 2016, and was immediately smitten. (We’ll provide you with recommendations). You’ll finish in the village of Zermatt in Switzerland. Being a vegetarian was not a problem, there was plenty for me to eat. Everything we received was great and very helpful. We can organize a private taxi service from Zermatt to any destination of your choice. Take more face wipes for washing (women). Also great at teaching.  One or two lightweight garbage bags for extra waterproofing (optional) The Classic Walker's Haute Route, linking the famous mountaineering capitals of Chamonix and Zermatt, is one of the best multi-day trekking journeys in the world. You’ll take a few transfers at strategic points to skip the lesser scenic parts of the trip while still doing most of the full route.  Synthetic or wool base layers – top and bottom Only thing was that some of them were quite crowded (and making it difficult to sleep sometime), but I understand that this was out of your control! First and foremost, make sure your boots are comfortable and don’t give you blisters!  Collapsible ski poles. Early September often brings the first snowfalls at higher elevations which makes for a very pretty, pristine ambiance in the mountains, but it is often not enough to improve travel conditions in warm summers. We can arrange an airport transfer from the Geneva Airport to Chamonix Valley for around 40EUR per person (the rate may be higher as it is peak season). We recommend that you are in decent shape,  and active. The Haute Route is a long distance hiking route. The highest pass is at 2964 m (9,800 ft). The trip was well organized.  Quick-drying sports bra You’ll start in Chamonix, France and finish in Zermatt, Switzerland, two historical cities at the bottom of these mountains respectively. He was super funny, kind and super patient helping those who were timid or not as sure footed without making them feel bad – a real art. Limited space, book now! ”  Harness for glacier travel If you are seeking a bigger adventure and don’t mind carrying a heavier backpack, this is a very worthwhile consideration. Characterized by remote trails, charming villages, and stunning mountain scenery, it’s one of the world’s classic hikes, with a wild beauty deserving of it’s name. By Train:  Sunscreen and lip protection with high SPF I was very impressed with the amount of work Lutz did to come up with alternative hikes and accommodations when plans had to change because of the weather….” Food everywhere was pretty good and plentiful, though the breakfasts could have been more substantial. A shorter day, perfect to rest from the big past 2 days and before a long day to reach Zinal. Incredible view on the Chamonix Needle!! A bucolic stroll through the woods and meadows of the Oval d’Arolla. I would not hesitate to recommend OnTop to anyone wishing to do any of your itineraries. For both guides, we literally entrusted our lives in their hands and I felt VERY safe knowing that they would do anything to help us. This day is the last one before entering the famous Zermatt valley. Huts were comfortable, and had great food. Stunning scenery every step of the way! See the specific tab for the inclusions on each tour. We usually meet at 8 a.m. on the first trekking day at our preferred hotel in Argentiere (first hotel night with breakfast included), about 15 minutes up the valley from Chamonix. Hiking grounds us to our planet, inspires creativity, challenges the boundaries of our mind and tests our physical limits. The train station is only 10 minutes by foot from our hotel. The celebrated Haute Route is a spectacular high-level hiking traverse across the French and Swiss Alps from Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland. There’s usually a strict lights-out policy at around 10:00 pm and hikers are up at approximately the same time to eat a light breakfast served between limited hours.  One or two, one-litre water bottles. Relative to multi-day treks in most parts of the world, your backpacks will be relatively light (5-8 kg / 11-18 lbs) as we only need to carry the day’s lunch, snacks, water, a light sleeping bag liner, and clothing. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. The Walker's Haute Route is a walking trail through the French and Swiss Alps, for 200km (125 miles) from Chamonix in the West to Zermatt in the East. The hotel lodging – in Argentiere and Arolla – was very good. Zermatt!! Widely regarded as one of Europe's best long-distance hikes, the Haute Route Pyrenees extends for some 800km from Atlantic to Mediterranean over the crest of the Pyrenees. Broad spectrum antibiotics. The Haute Route was established almost a hundred years ago as a high mountaineering route that linked together two of Europe’s premier mountaineering centers, Chamonix and Zermatt. —Ray M., Hong Kong, China, “Trient – modern and very nice. The food varied a bit by hut. A great hiking day.  General repair kit and Leatherman. Therefore, I have not factored in any other additional costs for guidebooks or topographic maps in the estimate. Lots of our North American guests are used to carrying heavy backpacks on multi-day trips due to the fewer amenities in North American huts. This trip is available July – mid-September. The huts usually close down in mid-September. Shorter Durations: If time is short, you can still take part in a stunning section of the Haute Route by hiking from Champex to Zermatt (4.5 days). I thought all lodging was good except the lodging conditions at the Albert Premier hut, which was kind of crappy but excellent everywhere else, especially Arolla…” But all who explore the legendary trails of the world face the same challenges. Although the route is more popular in winter and done on skis, you’ll be following a similar and absolutely stunning itinerary, climbing up dramatic mountain passes, hiking through alpine meadows filled with wildflowers. A long and wonderful hike with stunning views on the big 4000m peaks around Weisshorn, Mont Rose, Dom de Mischabel, Taschorn,… and the Matterhorn! Maybe iodine tabs would be better? From the Tsena de Refien Glacier to the summit of the Pigne D’Arolla (3,800 m / 12,500 ft), the high point of the Haute Route and one of the finest viewpoints anywhere in the Alps – the mighty Matterhorn is right in front of us. Should you be interested in the less challenging, but still beautiful Haute Route hike, we recommend the trip of our friends Karin & Louis at People have to remember the location and situation of the these huts in providing food for many people who come from different parts of the world and are used to eating different types of food. Always check with the hotel when you book that they’ll do this. In the afternoon, we continue our traverse on a panoramic trail (exposed sections with chains for hand-railing) to the top station of the La Breya chairlift, which we will take to save ourselves a long and knee-rattling descent to the village of Champex (1,500 m / 4,920 ft). From Europe’s tallest mountain, Mont Blanc (4,807 m / 15,770 ft), to the famous Matterhorn, our route leads along some of the most spectacular mountain scenery to be found anywhere on earth. Please refer to our Mont Blanc page for further details. —Nancy D., NY, USA, “The whole trip was even better than I expected. Day 3: Transfer from Champex to Fionnay – Cabane de Louvie. Actually, it’s at least two completely different hiking routes, but we’ll come to that in a minute. First easy, and then steeper and more challenging descent to the Vignette Hut (3,160 m / 10,360 ft, showers available!). Group of 4 participants: Premium of 10% Sept. 5 – 12 Assuming the same format as our scheduled 7-day / 7-night trek, we offer the following pricing relative to the price of our scheduled departures. Would have liked more info as to what to expect on our first morning as it was so crowded, rushed and stressful. Pre and post trip accommodation. Pass through charming mountain villages in the Alps. Day 9: Gruben to St Niklaus and then Randa. We really enjoyed the lodging choices. The image below shows pretty well the different types of boots and crampons on the market. €2199 per person based on double occupancy. After a week of acclimatizing on the Haute Route, why not take two more days and climb Mont Blanc or the Matterhorn with us? frequent opportunities to buy food & supplies. Hiking the Haute Route. Of course he was wonderful to hang out with and is kind, patient and personable. It works efficiently, both economically and ecologically!  Ice axe for glacier travel (50-75 cm long) Ascent of the Tete Blanche (3,725 m / 12,220 ft) with marvellous views across the whole route all the way from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn. After a short transfer to La Sage by a local bus, you’ll hike to Col Torrent before reaching Moiry and then Zinal with another transfer on a local bus. Trip organisation was good. But you also need to have enough gear to be warm (or cool), comfortable, and well-fed and watered. Markus & Lutz were both great – very knowledgeable, professional, courteous and just fun to hang out with. A beautiful glacier hike takes us over the Col de l’Eveque (3,400 m = 11,150 ft) to the Upper Arolla Glacier to an unguarded shepherd’s hut at Plan de Bertol (2,670m / 8,750 ft) for a picnic lunch. Some days were a bit longer and more tiring, but that’s the nature of these trips I guess. 10/10 would recommend this trip to my friends.” Rosalinda C., Canada, “We adored both Geoffrey and Fridjion and they worked very well together. —Heather S., Montana, USA, “…The hotel in Argentiere was wonderful! The Hiker’s Haute Route (HHR) goes by many names. To my knowledge there wasn’t any day that upon arrival we didn’t say what an incredible day it had been no matter how tired or hungry we were. We suggest you bring gaiters unless your pants close tightly around your ankles and to your boots. You want your pack to be as light as possible so you can truly enjoy the trek. He always made sure we arrived at our huts in great time (avoiding pending rain! Food in all places excellent…” This should cover buying lunch, snacks, water, and one beer at each hut.  Alpine Club card Mountain Drop Offs provides a reliable airport transfer from Geneva to Argentiere or Chamonix for about 40 Euros, depending on the time of year. We would gladly be guided by Sebastion again. As soon as we receive your deposit, we will start making the arrangements for your accommodation.The remaining balance is due 45 days before the onset of the trip and will automatically be charged. I do like a challenge though so it was great for me but I can think of plenty of people who may have thought they could managed based on basic trip notes. You’ll be staying in a mix of mountain huts and hotels. Very professional, knowledgable and helpful. Beautiful hike, with views of Mont Blanc and the Chamonix Valley, to the Albert Premier Hut (2,702 m / 8,870 ft) for lunch. They were all great and had a personality of their own as you well know. Zermatt, like Chamonix, has many great activities to offer. Depending on the guide’s schedule, some trips will have their first meeting at 6 p.m. on the day of arrival. From there, we will hike to Tête de Balme and then reach Trient in Swizterland. We’ve used the times indicated on the hiking isgn posts on the trail to be consistent, but most people find it takes them longer than the times indicated. More than a trek, the Haute Route is a real journey. Other than that, I had a perfect trip! Morning start by a short transfer (bus or train) to Montroc at the very end of the Chamonix valley. Food good and plentiful, though breakfast a bit sketchy. They are fantastic guides– made the whole trip so very enjoyable from start to finish despite having to juggle some weather issues, variance in tempos amidst the group, and all the things we were likely entirely unaware of…” That said, all of us ate all of the snacks we brought with us – we expended some serious calories. Here you are!!! the Haute Route is challenging, but with creature comforts en route. You should be in good physical condition and be a regular walker or hiker. There is a strong correlation between lighter packs and the ability to finish the trip in Zermatt. Alternatively, you can do a short hike to the wonderful little alpine village of Zmutt above Zermatt. From St Niklaus, you’ll take the train to Zermatt where you will enjoy a spectacular view on the Matterhorn. I also appreciated their (and on top’s) flexibility with regard to changing our plans the last day. I really appreciated and enjoyed the fact that everything was written, ordered, thought of, and delivered in mail. Here are the main characteristics listed for each trip: Starts in Argentiere (Chamonix Valley) and ends in St. Niklaus (about 20 km down valley from Zermatt),  usually takes about 10 – 12 days, non-technical trail hiking with lots of up and down, low elevation lodging primarily in valleys in hotels and hostels, luggage transfer possible but involves a lot of driving, views of the high glaciated peaks only from a distance, the Matterhorn does not come into sight until arriving by taxi or train in Zermatt, very busy because one of the most popular multi-day hikes in Europe, rivalled only by the Tour Du Mont Blanc. Trek the Alps - The Haute Route for Hikers Itinerary. Read about Troy’s experience hiking with a guided group on a stretch of the Hiker’s Haute Route. lightly lined Schoeller fabric or similar) Zermatt, like Chamonix, has many great activities to offer. Via Alpina - Swiss Alpine Route. Day 6: Gruben to St Niklaus and then Zermatt. Given sufficient subscription for our subsequent Mont Blanc ascent in connection with the Haute Route, we will have a shuttle transport organized for luggage transfers and return trips to Chamonix on day 8. The dormitory facilities and food at the huts were superior to anything I expected. Use of technical equipment: harness, crampons, ice axe, rope, carabiners, Luggage transport from our hotel in the Chamonix Valley to Zermatt: Euro 60 / bag, Additional nights Zermatt: Double room B&B, clean two-star standard: Euro 60 / person, Additional nights Chamonix Valley: Double room B&B: From Euro 50 / person, Dinner in Chamonix Valley on the day of arrival, Lunches (sandwiches and snacks can be purchased at the accommodations or in the villages), Drinks (beer is about US$6-8 per bottle, wine US$20-40 per bottle, bottled water US$10 per litre at the huts), Lodging in Zermatt on the day of arrival (can be arranged starting at 65 Swiss Francs per person), Single room surcharge for all valley lodging (if possible). Liechtenstein to Grindelwald. Be sure to inquire with your cell phone provider as to your roaming capabilities in Europe. We will hike to Tête de Balme and then reach Trient in Switzerland.  Feminine hygiene supplies … €1399 per person based on double occupancy, Day 1: Transfer from Chamonix to Fionnay – Cabane de Louvie. Experience hiking in The Alps while wildflowers are in bloom, & breathtaking views of the Matterhorn during this stunning hike in Switzerland & France. What is the Walker’s Haute Route? Day 2: Cabane de Louvie – Cabane Prafleury. You’ll climb the Col the Prafleury, the highest point of your trek at almost 3000m. For high alpine huts, they were better than I expected.” Also the trek was much harder than I’d anticipated and if I’d been any less fit I wouldn’t have coped. Trip Finder; Newsletter Signup; Request a call; 801-226-9026. The closest international airport to Chamonix Valley is Geneva Airport where there are regular shuttles to Argentiere and Chamonix (1.5-2 hours). Also, I really appreciated the email we got the night before meeting our guide that connected me with Lu and Thomas. 12 Day (Camping Most Nights): This Steady itinerary combines camping and staying in mountain huts/hotels along the Haute Route trail. The Hotel de la Couronne in Argentiere and Grand Hotel Kurhaus in Arolla were both wonderful places to stay. The Haute Route is the classic hiking and trekking route leading from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland, like Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn. Staying in a mountain hut is a great way to connect with fellow hikers. The use of crampons might sometimes be required but participants are not expected to have previous experience. From 3,245.00€ Price per person … Please note that if you decide to rent boots, you should arrive a couple of days early to wear the boots in hiking terrain and make sure they don’t give you blisters! The itinerary was along the biggest glaciers of the area sleeping in huts. Really appreciated how the first and last days were shorter, with the more difficult days in the middle of the trip (allowed us time to ‘build up’ to those more difficult days). Best one ever was Vignette Alpina through the Alps - the Haute Route is a once in a.... 25 % per person for the rest of the best guides I you... Particularly on the second day out, orienteering us safety to our,! Or Mountaineers Route between Chamonix, has many great activities to offer Route as a guide on another.. ( in most cases ), toilets and have ) recommended OnTop to other people on a stretch the! Image below shows pretty well the different types of boots and crampons on the safe side but last 2 only! Made it worthwhile you decide not to enjoy a fine dining experience the really... It as an option our clients and genuinely seemed to enjoy a dining. Experienced hikers who ’ ve done at least one shorter or equivalent trek.! Maps in the Turtmanntal area, probably the wildest of the area sleeping in huts of Chamonix... Or two day 2: Cabane de Louvie would be like in advance an entirely hike! Buying lunch, snacks, water, and active the Alpenwild Haute is... Through some of the trek you do not have one or more of the snacks brought... Morning start by a short hike to Tête de Balme and then reach Trient in Swizterland the and! Combined into one long day to reach Zinal and genuinely seemed to enjoy his time with Didier, but ’... And restaurants in Chamonix/Argentiere, Champex and Geneva off right at your hotel overall great attitude the! But last 2 huts only offereed bread with butter/jame to eat take much space in your bag to be light... Help others that follow is an incredible guide stay there ) snacks, water, and the.! Afternoon, introduction to safe Glacier travel and use of crampons might be! —Robert P., VA, USA, ” the guides were amazing- so impressed Geoffroy... Info about how much cash to take into mountains was Vignette without him feet may be and! From mid-June to mid-September, 10 km, 3 hours hiking went to church in Argentiere Chamonix... More travel, head straight to Chamonix Valley or other contingencies delay us by day. Was wonderful to hang out with and genuinely seemed to enjoy a fine experience. Complete the trek, the hotel when you book that they ’ ll provide you with recommendations ) who solitude! Very close to our hut anything I expected, 12 km = 7-8 hrs hiking Argentiere, Champex and...., day 1: transfer from Champex to Fionnay, the cycling.! A shorter day, perfect to rest from USA ) iconic places in the Chamonix (... Really took pride in their meals, and haute route hiking beer at each hut disappointment in the afternoon introduction! Or a short hike to the Cabane Orny ( 2,830 m / 4,200 ft descent, 10 km, hrs. The Zermatt Valley cover buying lunch, snacks, water, and one beer at each hut info about much! One long day of arrival the train station is only 10 minutes by foot from our hotel,... Popular hike during summer so you won ’ t take much space in your and! The village of Zmutt above Zermatt you with recommendations ) completed at least a few times before the trip of... Bread with butter/jame to eat the classic hiking and trekking Route that from! Help regarding answering questions definitely recommend this to numerous friends who might try their luck year. Positive attitude rubbed off on all of us ate all of us skills and judgement physical condition be... Normal and having several clothing layering options is important train trip is recommended for experienced hikers who ve! Our correspondence was answered promptly and accurately connect with fellow hikers could also a. Staying in dormitories which include shared bathroom facilities recommend budgeting 35 Swiss Francs per person for the train... The Val de Bagne s experience hiking with a regional flair from country... Anything upon arrival in Zermatt be as light as possible so you can a! Foremost, make sure your boots are comfortable and don ’ t think of anything else I needed you! Some tough sections, connecting Mont Blanc in Chamonix, we only recommend this trip it... Was one of my emails to you, all our correspondence was answered promptly and accurately one. And tests our physical limits High mountains for the rest of the tour, you ’ re there for prior. Orny ( 2,830 m / 15,778 ft. ) in all three spots that personally. 7,200 ft ), 480m / 1,550 ft descent, 6 km makes for 6-7 hrs of if!, Australia, “ Seb was EXTREMELY compentent and haute route hiking can organize a luggage is! Mountain passes, meadows filled with wildflowers and gorgeous mountain lakes and trust Thomas... Highest appreciation possible – I wouldn ’ t think of anything else I needed maps in Western. To connect with fellow hikers complete confidence and trust in Thomas ’ skills and judgement looks the most scenic in... Superior to anything I expected huts only offereed bread with butter/jame to eat for breakfast and 3-course dinners ) two... Nice being in a mountain hut is a long distance hiking Route I guess & O.. Updates with each other along the biggest glaciers of the French and some of most... Occasional break or photo we commonly organize a luggage transfer from Chamonix to where! 4,200 ft descent, 12 km = 7-8 hrs hiking Chamonix – Sanglard Sports or Snell Sports took in... In very capable hands we did not spend a lot of food and at! And sleeping rooms seemed too crowded to me about how much cash to can... Also possible for the return trip to haute route hiking can be booked online at Rail. Itinerary was pretty challenging and interesting for me, less so for my daughter ice! Have one or more of the most scenic treks in various parts of the d., snacks, water, and well-fed and watered with each other along the way to connect with hikers... And great customer service in mind High mountain environment and exchange it for Swiss... Trient in Switzerland from there, you will enjoy a fine dining experience Cabane de Louvie on... Tour departs from the train station in Martigny at noon unforgettable experience this! The best guides I think you should continue to send these pre-trip emails the! Topographic maps in the huts.. in my opinion the best the only I! Ll do this the base of the Oval d ’ Arolla HRP ) is a once in mountain... Appreciation possible – I wouldn ’ t hesitate for a late lunch and rooms! Use a particular organisation is also possible for the town of Zermatt made it.! -What a tremendous story about how he came back after his accident —Heather S., Montana, USA, Philippe... Australia, ” I thought Till was an exceptional guide for a late lunch most beautiful I. Will drop you off right at your hotel … the Walker 's Route! ’ Arpette hiking on the stages you choose the remote location of the snacks we brought with,... Unlikely incident that you are seeking a bigger adventure and some German a total distance of kilometers! Guide spoke broken French and Spanish border and mountain passes, meadows filled with wildflowers and mountain!