Georgian side arm. Sword, Edwardian Matching Victorian British military swords. E-commerce can only expand further and looks set to be a major factor in the evolution of the market. Early Always draw a sword out of a leather scabbard with the blade held vertically, point down, so as to avoid the danger of bending or breaking the leather at a weak point. The main beneficiaries of this inflationary market are the auction houses who have realised that their business now has a global reach and can offer facilities for customers to view and bid for lots online. Always buying Civil War Confederate & Union Swords, Civil War Presentation Swords, Tiffany Presentation Swords, Cased Presentation and Identified Swords, Confederate & Union Bowie Knives, D Guard Bowie Knives, Eagle Head Swords, Revolutionary Silver Hilt Swords, Other Silver Hilted Swords, Horse Head Swords, Napoleonic Swords, French Swords, … 18C English Hunting / Naval Officer's Sword With Stag Horn Grip, 1932 The rapid global expansion of the internet has been the most important development within the antique collecting marketplace, creating a dynamic and ever-changing platform for the sourcing and selling of military antiques. In the case of E-Bay, always check the seller’s feedback record as this illustrates the type of seller that you are dealing with and their previous history of transactions. 1932 Low delivery / shipping rates. Be wary of sword blades that do not fit snugly into the scabbard or are either loose or tight. Experience is the only educator in this fascinating field of collecting. It is an old adage in the antiques trade that demand invariably outstrips supply. Five working days (UPS / Parcel Post / DHL). WW1 SWORD FROG FOR THE SAM BROWNE OFFICERS BELT & HARNESS GENUINE & ORIGINAL. cutlasses, dirks, broadswords, backswords, rapiers, basket hilts, V Buckinghamshire Battalion (Oxford & Bucks) Rifle Officer's Prices are in £ GBP but we will often accept Euros and USD; Japanese katanas. $1012. see our Sales Contact page for Commission bids now frequently win the day. Internet auction sites such as E-Bay have also become an important hub for both the selling and buying of antique swords. If possible, make a point of buying a relevant book whenever you attend an arms show. $607. Add to basket; INDIAN SHORT SWORD, in scabbard. This is not all benefit driven. Sword About Us They say if you love what you do, it’s not work, and we love collecting Swords and Militaria. Show prices in: Showing items 1 - 25 of 151. Dedicated web sites have emerged to cater for the sword collector with both auctioneers and dealers quick to embrace the new technology. American and Eastern weapons too. Swords tend to be straight, and often have sharpened edges on two sides. £50.00. The rapier is first noted during the latter half of the fifteenth century, but only comes into major prominence during the early sixteenth century. Matched patination is what you are looking for. Added to this is the fact that prices are rising at an alarming rate. Insured This appears to be the current situation when trying to source good examples of antique military swords. Oriental, Ethno, Identification If attending an auction, always stick to your bid limit and don’t get carried away. THE CURIOS HOUSE. Antique Swords for Sale 266 results. or Best Offer. Antique swords Look at the patination of both the hilt and metal scabbard. I would like to introduce myself – my name is Harvey J S Withers and I have been selling antique British swords for over 20 years. Importantly, the emphasis is very much on the bidder to ask the appropriate questions concerning condition or provenance. View all Antique Swords Blades for sale all over the UK, in areas such as North West, South East, Eastern. If the reply that you receive goes along the lines of; “I have no idea what it is.”, be very cautious. Unaltered tang buttons are invariably smooth and flush, with a dark age patination. & valuations, Sword 0 bids. €491. I do hope that you find them of interest and that they spur you on to collecting more of these fascinating and historical weapons. 18C English Hunting / Naval Officer's Sword With Stag Horn Grip Gerald Mathias Fine Antique Boxes. Free shipping on orders The purchase of books and the building of a sound reference library are therefore essential. Indian sword makes thousands in sale December 13, 2018 December 13, 2018 admin 0 Comments auction , militaria , News , swords , Tennants A rare late 18th-century Indian Shamshir sword has sold for a hammer of £14,000 in a North Yorkshire saleroom. The investment value of antique swords is obvious, and with average yearly increases of around 15-20%, you will be hard pressed to find a better return in any financial market. If you want a sword ID'd / valued Our areas of primary interest are Napoleonic swords, British 1857 Pattern Scottish Infantry Officer's Broadsword Exemptions will cover swords which are used for re-enactments or antique weapons kept on display by collectors. This is done by taking into account the five major factors that shape the value of an antique sword. (we only charge £10 per ID / valuation) please visit: identifications for sale here are reproductions; be careful, repros We do not charge extra for PayPal, plus £1000+ items come Only Genuine Antique Swords Approved. New collectors will always be caught out by these deceits, and it is only through constant viewing and handling of the genuine article, that you will be able to distinguish between the right and the wrong piece. These are the sword’s origin, type, age, condition and historical significance. From Japanese swords to German daggers to Modern production knives, we have something for everyone. Four working days (UPS / USPS / DHL) Spurious blade engraving or etching has become a recent and troubling phenomenon. include museums, regiments & antique sword book authors (see: space, and selling swords allows us to experience a greater number dated Royal Military College Presentation Wilkinson Sword. We pride ourselves in offering the greatest range Exemptions exist for antique sword collectors. Edwardian antique swords for sale to / in the UK, EU, USA, Australia, Canada, The words "sword" and "saber" are sometimes used interchangeably, but the blades are different in design and purpose. George 19C Armenian / Caucasian "Damascus" Bladed Saif (Sword) The present-day collector of antique military swords inhabits a commercial environment quite unlike that of past generations. This is an exciting and comprehensive site to help identify antique swords and is designed to hold a vast library of information of use to the antique sword collector. If so, you have come to the right place! payment methods and options, including lay-away. IF SO, YOU NEED TO PURCHASE THESE FULL COLOUR BOOKS!! (Nihonto), Russian shashkas, Ottoman / Persian shamshirs, If you have an antique or vintage sword you want to sell, we 1; 2; 3; 7; View more ANTIQUE COLLECTIBLES videos » Gentleman’s walking stick sword stick with root ended handle. Sort by 10 photos. Antique Swords, Knives & Weapons. Ending 21 Dec at 3:48PM GMT 1d 7h. Remember also to factor in the buyer’s commission when calculating your maximum bid. We wish to promote the study of antique swords. Fine original antique weapons, rapiers, broadswords, polearms, guns, and armour for the discriminating collector. The reason we sell them is because we only have so much display Click & Collect. Established in 1997, we sell and ship worldwide If the sword comes with a scabbard, put both alongside and compare the blade length with the scabbard length. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE VALUE OF YOUR SWORDS? Antique Swords & Edged Weapons. (over 400 items in stock), the highest quality and the most interesting At many arms shows and auction houses the interior lighting can be quite poor. The rapid global expansion of the internet has been the most important development within the antique collecting marketplace, creating a dynamic and ever-changing platform for the sourcing and selling of military antiques. Collectible, Vintage, and 100+ year old edged weapons V Buckinghamshire Battalion (Oxford & Bucks) Rifle Officer's Questions about Antique Swords Are prices for antique swords negotiable on 1stdibs? My collection of antique swords is rather limited and I try to only pick up certain pieces I find ascetically pleasing (so for a few 18th and 19th century sabres and some kukris since a man can never have enough kurkis). Covid-19: Yes, we are open for business. / valuations. £995.00 #9909 an edwardian tobacconist’s oak & glass counter-top ... Read more . honour and bravery; possibly once held and even used in terrible Prices for antique swords can differ depending upon size, time period and other attributes — at 1stDibs, antique swords begin at $250 and can go as high as $198,500, while the average can fetch as much as $2,200. The vast majority of dealers are honest and fair people so approach your purchases with a positive yet attentive mind. It is for 'Swords' only. Here is Part Two of my guide to collecting antique swords... Authenticity of Antique Swords; Being able to purchase an antique sword with confidence that what you are buying is authentic seems obvious but you would be surprised at the number of collectors who part with large amounts of cash not really knowing whether what they have taken home is right and authentic. £ 750. Saltwood Antiques. Their response is normally enough to convince you either way. Victorian Infantry Officers Sword. Add to basket; IMPERIAL GERMAN – SAXON ARTILLERYMAN’S HANGER, … Since 2007, our customers If you are selling swords, I buy antique and collectible edged weapons, ask me to give you a price! are certain to keep on appreciating. would like to hear from you, identifications Choose from 70+ Antique Swords, prices from £220 to £2,500. Carrying a sword in public is already illegal. We ship See our tips for negotiating like a pro. / Discounts Page. We have a gallery of offcial patterns and a vast Database of items (over 50,000 images) that can be searched using physical characteristics that make the identification process as easy as possible. Please also take the time to look through my articles on both collecting and looking after your antique swords. Actually, antique swords represent one of the best Most collectors obviously do not wish to sell their coveted pieces, but it is reassuring to know that once bought, the value of a sword is likely to appreciate over time. The present-day collector of antique military swords inhabits a commercial environment quite unlike that of past generations. Create email alert. I will offer you a fair price that saves us both money, or I will help you sell your swords. buy, identify and value sword / sabres, etc. It is not aimed at replica or modern sword makers or collectors. Fortunately, the modern forger tends not to possess the skills of craftsmanship inherent in their forebears, and their attempts are usually quite crude when compared with the original blade decoration. I have been collecting antique arms … Antiques are proven Not to be reproduced without prior agreement. Swords. An initial appraisal is a simple inspection of the sword’s potential worth in the sword collecting market. weapons. and most evocative investments you can make. shamshirs, katanas, mamelukes, shashkas, bayonets, daggers, kris I was formerly Head of Arms, Armour & Militaria at a large London auction house, but am now fully self-employed. Substantial numbers of swords are traded every week and can be purchased with relative ease from almost anywhere in the world. No PayPal Surcharges & Free Insured Shipping Mostly Sometimes there can be a great disparity in lengths. €819. Guaranteed authentic, quality vintage, collectible and This is both insulting and makes you look foolish. £1,000.00. 1857 Pattern Scottish Infantry Officer's Broadsword, Rare Early / keris, etc. Hello and welcome to Antique Swords For Sale, the premier online resource for collectors of antique swords, edged weapons and militaria. 1854 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword. other offers / free shipping up to the value of £50)! Date of Manufacture declared on all Antique Swords. UPS / Fedex / EMS / ParcelForce Shipping sovereign antiques, nuneaton, united kingdom. The ability to correctly identify and value a piece will always give you the upper hand, and might even allow you to occasionally purchase a bargain. Next day It is a tough process that all collectors have to go through. I am Matt Easton, a historical fencing instructor, historical researcher, YouTuber, Director of Easton Antique Arms Limited. For security of mind, ask for a written receipt or official invoice with the dealer’s name, address and telephone number. Subscribe to my newsletter for free and get notified of sales, special events and promotions. We have found 151 results. £ 275.00. £ 248. The answers given will prove useful if the sword arrives and it does not tally with the original auction description. With many auction houses selling antique swords and similar antique items at thousands of dollars in value, you know that this is a thriving market. A brightly cleaned metal scabbard and dark patinated hilt are obviously suspicious. New Zealand and worldwide; most countries do not charge duty! Antique Swords - UK / European based worldwide sword & sabre sales. infantry swords & cavalry sabres, British naval swords It was primarily a sword designed to be worn by a gentleman and not particularly suitable for use during heavy combat on the battlefield. / Militaria Auctions, we lot of 10 old indian rajput / sikh nation swords Read more. Specializing in antique swords and other European edged weapons of the 15th through the 19th Century, we have an especially fine selection of quality 16th and 17th Century rapiers and broadswords. recent edged weapons (e.g. 0 bids. Owned and operated by Harvey Withers, Antique Swords for Sale brings you the finest quality swords and militaria from … Check that the blade has not been altered by looking at the tang button. One of the most crucial is to ask the seller a series of detailed questions. number from elsewhere in the EU; we will advise you if the Typical delivery times; BREXIT: No orders for EU customers after 25th Be also aware that with leather scabbards, a tight fit might actually be due to genuine leather shrinkage, so use sensible judgement. £3.90 postage. Great competition was placed at Court to be the no… It should not show any evidence of having been taken out and re-hammered back in. Do not assume that the dealer on the other side of the table has more knowledge than you. €271. Where to buy antique swords My site - Rex and I have been collecting militaria, specialising in British and European swords from the 15 th Century to the end of the reign of Queen Victoria, for over 30 years. Free postage. For the love of and investment in antique swords. with free shipping (free shipping can not always be combined with / historic "Armes Blanches" around. Those breaking the law face six months in jail and a £5,000 fine. © Collecting Antique Swords article by Harvey Withers – UK / EU buy and sell mostly French, Japanese, There is no substitute to visiting auctions, arms shows and museum collections. We buy, identify and value sword / … Identification We have been helping the general public and collectors identify and date arms for over 10 years. Go to as many as you can and follow some basic rules. About Us). / Discounts Page. Legislation against selling, making, hiring or importing samurai swords in England and Wales has come into force. dated Royal Military College Presentation Wilkinson Sword, Our Special Offers swords for serving officers), plus sabres, Swords, etc. Even seasoned collectors started out by buying wrong pieces. recession busters, plus you get to handle swords, the epitome of George V British Army Parade Sword. £29.95. delivery (ParcelForce) We have a huge image library of thousands of swords and hundreds of examples of official patterns/models from many different nations. Rare Early Sort by: Recently Added. December 2020 until further notice. but we collect, sell & buy many types of authentic edged We guarantee NONE of the swords I am based in Surrey, England. This is an established group for international antique sword collectors. FIRMIN & SONS LONDON ANTIQUE MILITARY BRASS SWORD SCABBARD. When visiting an arms show, the most important rule is to take your time when inspecting a sword. Military Mart & Mantiques. BUYING AND SELLING ANTIQUE SWORDS AND OTHER ANTIQUE ARMS & ARMOUR IN THE UK . £4.95 … and buy more! here! The reason we buy swords is because we love to collect! in particular have at least doubled in value over the last 10 years To date, the market shows no sign of slowing down or reversing. The idea that a buyer would happily purchase any antique purely on the basis of a few photographs and a brief description would have seemed ludicrous only a few years ago, but this is exactly how antique swords are bring traded today. Category Blades. £ 450. as well. Dear Collector and Enthusiast! Sovereign Antiques. / valuations, George £750.00. Click & Collect. Always compare the quality of the two. Shipping page. Southeast Texas Marsh Man Recommended for you 14:18 They do sometimes let a special piece slip through because of their own ignorance! Customers now have the unique opportunity to both view and purchase antique swords directly from their own home computer. Add to basket; PRUSSIAN INFANTRY OFFICERS SWORD in scabbard £ 365.00. close combat during famous battles such as Waterloo. The hobby of collecting antique swords is something that is best reserved to serious antique collectors and enthusiasts. 19C Armenian / Caucasian "Damascus" Bladed Saif (Sword), Early Islamic, Edged Weapons Our unique inventory of spans all types edged weapons and antique swords for sale. Scottish, German & British antique, vintage and even some more above £1000, see Packing & Can be highly decorative and valuable . most of our edged weapons from the UK, but also a small Gerald Mathias Fine Antique Boxes. £595.00 #9747 a black morocco leather leuchars writing box fully ... Read more. Swords, Antique & For Collectors Showing 21–28 of 28 results ← 1; 2; British Royal Artillery Officers Sword (GRV) by Henry Wilkinson, Government Inspector Marked £ 395.00. The traditional broadsword was still the preferred weapon of choice in this arena. When involved in the buying process, do not be afraid to haggle with the dealer but do not offer a silly price. See our warnings page. would like to hear from you. Sabers, or sabres, are curved weapons whose convex, or outside, edges are meant for slashing—picture a soldier in the Civil War riding into battle on a horse. or more, perhaps quadrupled in value over the last 20 years, and Antique walking sticks are normally sticks, typically with a curved handle, used for support when walking. Latest Arrivals / Listings: / fakes are too often sold as authentic elsewhere, but not If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a piece ask the dealer to confirm that it is genuine. Our entire edged weapon inventory is constantly and carefully grown and curated, so please check back frequently for new items. Out of courtesy, always ask the dealer if you can inspect the sword. During its height, rapiers were worn as the ultimate fashion accessory and signifier of rank. Sovereign Antiques. silver sword bookmark Read more. Many auction houses will also send prospective bidders digital pictures of the lots via e-mail. Antiques • Militaria • Swords, Knives & Weapons • Items: 16. The smart collector should constantly update their knowledge of the subject. antique British swords, Napoleonic French sabres & authentic Scabbards are easily swapped around, although some would have been legitimately replaced during their service lives. £195.00 . Antique British Swords – Collecting and Buying from Harvey J S Withers Do you collect antique British infantry swords, antique British cavalry swords, antique British naval swords or British Royal Airforce swords? In the case of British swords, I have seen an ordinary mid-Victorian cavalry officer’s sword transformed (by the addition of a notable and distinguished name or presentation inscription) to a potentially “historic” piece. Having said this, auctioneers are still right in emphasising that nothing can replace actually seeing and handling a sword yourself. Room9Vintage. Three working days (EMS / UPS / DHL) (including dirks and cutlasses), Japanese katanas & wakizashis item is not in the UK. 10 Katana Samurai Sword Antique Silver Charms Pendants 8mm x 45mm (806) Jashasi. $335. This form of business is ideal for those unable to attend regular auctions and antique arms shows, but it must be made clear that this form of trading is not painless and a number of important caveats must be remembered. LOOK: Our Special Offers There is nothing more annoying to a dealer than to see their precious stock clumsily pawed by a novice collector. Guaranteed authentic, quality vintage, collectible and antique swords for sale to / in the UK, EU, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and worldwide; most countries do not charge duty! My Antique Sword Collection Dating From The Early 1700's With A Period Cavalry Pistol - 2017 - Duration: 14:18. View the sword from as many angles as possible. for sale. Examples in excellent condition are becoming extremely scarce. From shop Jashasi. We Although it might seem that there is a reasonable quantity of swords available to buy via the internet and auctions, the actual quality of these pieces is sadly deteriorating. From The UK! The time has long gone when only the bidder standing on the auction floor is guaranteed to take the lots home. Large arenas are notorious venues where this disadvantage can hide damage, alteration and all manner of deceptions done to a sword. WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Officers Sword Tassel. shipping is provided with all orders at no extra charge.