Working with Orange Card and Annexe/Bijlage 19ter, Bijlage 19ter Listed Cohabitation Documents Requirement, fulfil all the criteria of a family reunification, 12 months payslips and his national health insurance, Suggested Family Reunification Template to File Your Documents, termination fee to break a legal cohabitation contract, how your partner can cover your insurance under him. Now that I have read from the people who applied recently, the process has lengthened to approximately 12 months from the day of declaring a cohabitation. If your partner is not a European citizen, you cannot work in Belgium with an Orange Card. In the meanwhile, please do not worry so much and just wait for the commune to inform you to pick up your Orange Card while you prepare and submit all the documents requested. Who knows miracle may happen since your case is unique. Annex 19ter will state what documents you need to submit to the Immigration Office. The company re-branded as Orange on 9 May 2016 (following its parent company's own change of name in 2013). She may have to do more paperwork to go to Uk from Belgium. Ich habe mir eine Orange Holiday Prepaid-Karte gekauft – wie finde ich heraus, wie viel Guthaben ich noch übrig habe? Riyadh 11588. Thank you very much for your positive feedback. Invoices and usage . After 3 months of your passport entry, no, you cannot go to any Schengen Member States. Devices, SIM cards and accessories . Hi Inas, you can travel out of Belgium within 3 months without informing the Stadhuis. I have noticed that in the contract, the company says that they need me to travel to other countries to supervise their projects, showrooms and trade fairs. Register a family member’s card This card will then be registered in your name. If you have never registered your marriage here in Belgium or have the marriage certificate from your hometown recognised, it is likely that you are only seen as a tourist in Belgium. You can read this question and comment here. She is a Spanish citizen. But no, she cannot travel back to America and stay there for 3-4 months during the cohabitation procedure. See more. You will receive it at the same time as the Orange Card because both will bear the same 6-month validity. But according to what I read, the process can last up to 9 months. Reapplying the whole procedure is always a better option. The Belgium Prepaid SIM Card is the most convenient and economical solution for staying in touch while in Belgium. That would be a salary of 120% of the minimum wage. My wife is a non-EU citizen. They told me that I could stay with paper while in the procedure for cohabitation. Hello, I have one question. Q2 2021 Results. We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. Make worldwide calls and texts from all over European. It has really helped me a lot. Thanks. Do you know more or less how long does it take and what the next steps are? You need to provide photos too. If you are travelling with your Belgian family members, you do not need a visa but advisable that you apply for an EEA Family Permit especially when taking a plane where the checks are more stringent than taking a train or a car. I will be invited on the day after my orange card expires. Hi Monica, what I am offering you here is some luck and hope that one officer over the phone would say yes to you. Firstly, the F Card does not allow her to work in the UK. Good morning madam, hope you are keeping well. There is an office in the Gare du Nord building that can give you precise information about this. 1. After all, you have waited this long to get the Orange Card. The Orange Card grants you a temporary stay in Belgium and not in Schengen Zone when your 3-month travel visa expires. Thank you very much for the information. When the town hall said they could start the process now, it refers to the family reunion where you will receive your Orange Card soon. It’s super helpful and shared a lot of insights on the... Live in Belgium: Hi Ben, your F Card is tied to the relationship with this woman. They also listed down specifically the final documents required as the last submission to the Belgian Immigration Office. If you pay part of your bills yourself, you can view them in a few clicks via your Customer zone. Hello Madam, I have Annex 26. On this basis, I can, therefore, go out freely on the territory of the Member States, but I am not sure that this is also visible for non-EU Member States? After 3 days of the expiry of this card, he got a job contract. There are more rejections than success rates for reasons such as attending a wedding. Thank you so much for all the clear information you have on this website. They gave me a paper of 19 Bijlage. Attention: it can take up to 15 minutes until Orange has processed your recharge. It is stated clearly on the official website that your stay shall be granted if you did not receive any reply from the commune. This person and her partner are both non-EU citizens. I cannot guarantee that my method would be 100% safe. On 23 Dec 2019, they called us to inform that they accepted our legal cohabitation but no orange card issued. If you get a visa rejection, you will get a letter and asked to leave Belgium in one month’s time. I have seen that you talked about an entry visa in the article. Now they ask about some motivation letter why I stay in Belgium after three months via e-mail and also the receipt for Orange Card payment etc. F Card and Orange Card are both not travel documents. I will be invited the day after my orange card expires for the decision taken. There is no special procedure as you only give the 2 documents to the employment agency or the employing company. ⑮ Cohabitation Approval and Orange Card Appointment: What to Bring? Do you have a question or need help? However, I have read about a case where the police came to someone’s house to serve a notice to leave Belgium within 30 days as she had overstayed 90 days (visa-free). I have received annexe 19ter which is a letter of request for residence and not the orange card. So what happens with the remaining 3 months? What puzzles me the most is why it is taking so long. The duration is not a factor. They told me that I should provide them with my health insurance document within 3 months. Thank you very much. December and summer holidays are festive periods where many people take leave, which increases the waiting time for the application. If your documents are in English, you need not translate them because it is one of the four languages accepted in Belgium. We used the lawyer. The Bijlage 19ter stated the documents received by the commune from my first submission in August which was one month ago. If you have not approached any of them, you can email to random car companies to get an answer. But I have a question now. The next step towards family reunification is a much stricter procedure. Therefore, let’s not succumb to the travelling temptation and take the risk. Call 470 from your Orange number in Spain; Call 9009 013 00 from any other phone; Call 0034 6560 014 70 from abroad; Visit the Orange website; Visit the Orange Facebook page; Orange tariffs. Talk tomorrow…. Would you like a commercial appointment? I would like to ask you if I could buy a car with Orange Card. 7. The good news is that at your commune appointment you will be given a temporary orange card, (Attestation d’Immatriculation), which allows you to legally remain in Belgium while the decision about your visa is being made. Hello everybody, thank you very much for the information posted on here. Proximus . Q1 2021 Results. It competes with Proximus, VOO and Telenet.. Will also try to call my lawyer and hear what he says. Of course, the request is always subject to approval. Hi Michelle, the whole process consists of 2 parts: i) Signing the legal cohabitation paper and getting it approved ii) Family reunion stage where you will receive an Orange Card. You can also check whether the banks impose any monthly administrative fee because some banks in Belgium do. These unpredictable circumstances may put you into a complicated situation later. You have to rectify the problem stated in the letter. it very much depends on the nationality of your partner. Also, submit the rental contract with both your names on it! First of all, congrats for your blog, it is really helpful. They confirmed that I was not supposed to work at all. Calls to Canada went through crystal-clear. Manage the mobile fleet . Comparing all the Belgium sim cards for tourists I come to the following conclusion: Orange is the best sim card in Belgium in 2021! During this period, the foreign partner will get a reply from the immigration office through the commune. Would I have to apply to the return visa for travelling under that scheme? You really provide information for foreigners who come to Belgium. was married to a Belgian, divorcing a couple of months. Do note that since both of you have non-EU nationalities, you will get an Orange Card with 9-month validity instead of the typical 6-month duration. See more. Hi, I applied 19ter and got orange card 2 times. I reiterate again that it is a matter of luck for getting caught. Hi Reini, the official website is Belgian Immigration site. I have been given a date in 6 months time. The office did not know how long it could take for them to respond. Henceforth, you will feel grounded in Belgium for at least six months or more. Am living together with my partner in Belgium. A prepaid sim card offers more flexibility. Hope it clarifies! If you decide to take the risk, here are some suggestions to reduce it. As the old saying goes, you can do anything you want but don’t get caught. Usually, if you are rejected from your family reunion, they would have already given you a letter of refusal. PIN code You can find the PIN code on the card your SIM card was attached to. The purpose is getting the orange card for the next 6 months. Registering your prepaid card To proceed with the registration of your data please take your electronic identity card, your card reader and your PIN. The Belgian government is in the process of transposing an European Union (EU) directive, aimed at providing a single permit for non-EU employees to work in multiple branches of an EU-based multinational company; implementation has already taking longer … Avoid taking a plane including departing from neighbouring airports in France and the Netherlands. I am not sure whether this article of visa rejection would help you in the event of a refusal. We were there and had separate interviews with my bf. So this is the equivalent of the Social Security number that I give the employer for taxes and such? The Orange Card will have a National number. Phonecalls, SMS and internet data are more expensive with a prepaid sim card instead of a mobile contract. Hi Ryan, the first step towards approval of the legal cohabitation is not that difficult, especially when you did not have to attend an interview which would lengthen the process. Hi Erlan, You seem to be already very well-informed and know what you are heading with a good mental preparation of the visa rejection. Thank you very much for your help. The reason why most of us applying for the family reunion needs a return visa when travelling is that we have no other documents to support us when the dates on our passports expire. I want to ask if there is any way to know the status of my application on the internet as I don’t want to ask in the municipality. Don’t think too much and have a beautiful Sunday!!! Hi, you said the number on the orange card is a national number? They will still check your residence permit to see if you have the right to stay and travel without a valid visa (applicable for some non-EU countries) Usually, these Custom officers do not ask a lot of questions. As a network operator and digital service provider in 26 countries, our Human Inside philosophy is central to how we serve our 253 million customers. Hi Massai, not all banks allow you to open a bank account with an Orange Card. currently have F Card (card for family members of EU citizens). The operator’s information system collects data from the platform, such as confirmation that a profile has been correctly installed, and on which card. If the documents you submitted are not enough for the Immigration Office, the Annex 19ter will state the remaining of what you have to submit. Best of luck and have a good day!! You will only receive a letter. Telephone: + 32 2 745 71 11 . 05 Feb 2021. Join them! I went to the city hall and was told that the response is negative again for the second time, reasons being that our photos didn’t have dates and that we must prove that we love each other. Based on your situation, it looks unlikely that a residence card would be granted to you because your marriage has not been registered. Because we are planning to spend Xmas with my boyfriend’s family there, it would be sad if we can’t go. In general, the municipality will not give you the documents much earlier, but there is no harm trying to send an email. Good afternoon madam! If you need to leave Belgium for more than 3 months, you have to tell your municipal office and fill up a “Temporary Absence” form. Since I have a Dutch residence permit (valid), do I need a visa as a Colombian if I am in an immigration process now in Belgium? Get it as soon as Thu, Feb 4. The foreign partner must file for a ‘Certificate of Registration’ to the commune within three months of entering Belgium. I have looked in the Belgian Immigration office webpage for the application for the Return Visa you mentioned, but I did not find any place (commune Ixelles) where I can do so, or even where this option is mentioned. I haven’t lived for a year in Belgium, so we reapplied using our lawyer again. I hope you can enlighten me. You can travel out of Belgium when you receive an F Card. I would see that it is not a problem to travel to the Netherlands if you just get your grocery and come back to Belgium as fast as possible. Get interest on your money, personalised budgeting and much more. Purposes of Orange Card 5. Can I ask what’s the difference between cohabitation and marriage? A letter for business travel purpose is essential as a proof to get the approval. And the best part is: you have unlimited calls and SMS within Europe and 2 hours worth of calls and 1,000 SMS from Europe back to your home country around the world - all at no extra charges! Also, I am not sure if Germany will ask some questions at the airport and passport control checks? Then, he went to the relevant department to apply for a residence card to start the job. I called the Department of Work and Social Economy and explained the problem. You’ll be investing in one of the best fixed and mobile networks, and choosing the European leader in fibre and converged services, with a sustainable growth strategy and ambitious 2023 financial objectives. Couples who do not meet the duration for a legal cohabitation would choose to marry. 3 Register and pay with your credit card : : 766 customers reviews - Customer rating: Very good 5/5. As a result, one feels at times like a “prisoner in Belgium”. YIMING, Spain > Spain. Chat to your friends and family back home by easily connecting to the local Belgium Proximus network. I don’t understand why my file was rejected. Usually, the Orange Card will have the same date as the Annex 19ter. My question is that can I travel with my orange card to the UK for visiting my relatives and family members? "I love, it’s easy and you get the credit on your phone really fast. I use it to send online credit to my family in another country and I’m highly satisfied with the service." Add to my calendar 26 Jul 2021. Discover the beauties of Belgium with our Prepaid Card. Hi Inas, I had the same problem as you too because I did not have a National Number back then. There are others who travel out of Belgium with success. If yes, could you give me bank names in Belgium that I can open an account with an Orange Card? He has permanent residence card from Italy and now he is here in Belgium. Indoor solutions to meet your needs. I am an Australian currently holding an orange card in Belgium and I need to leave Belgium to attend a wedding in Ireland. MyProximus. Hi Inas, an appeal will take as long as a fresh application. R. it very much depends on the nationality of your partner. Variable top-up options available. The Orange Card with your birth date is the Social Security Number and will also be the identification card number of your F Card later. hi! 2. As a third-country citizen, she has more paperwork to submit than you. After all, the commune should also be responsible for issuing the Orange Card on time. I had sent all the documents, and they responded that they had received all the documents in good order to complete my file. The residence permit is also known as “Titre de Séjour” in French. Ia-ți o cartelă PrePay Orange, iar noi îți oferim minute, SMS-uri și trafic de internet la viteze 4G, fără să mai activezi alte servicii suplimentare. In conclusion, it is a documentation of how you know each other, the duration, and why you want to be with each other in Belgium. Hi Abbas, you can work together on presenting an Orange Card and Annex 19ter together if you form a family reunion with a Belgian citizen which is your daughter in this case. Another question is if I will have to leave Belgium after 6 months? Then, you will not feel regretful and unhappy when you receive the Orange Card later. All three operators have been tried, tested and trusted by both locals and travelers, so you won’t go wrong with our picks. At this point of writing, the minimum income would be €1,505.78 net/mth. Can anyone help me plz? It is the most common question that people want to know. Before that, I had a temporary ID card via employment. The above suggestions are solely my opinion for risk takers with some understanding of how the Schengen system operates. Tip: Within the first three months of your arrival, travel out of Belgium and have as much holiday as you want during this period. You never know as you may get a positive result. Now I am in Belgium for 6 months with a Tourist’s Visa. Orange Belgium Plc. Online Recharge Orange Belgium Easy mobile recharge, it's sent as a code to your email Safe & secure payment methods. I was thinking that you may just have to submit all the proof of relationship to them within 3 months from the date of the annexe 19ter. So I would like to kindly ask you if I would be able to travel outside Belgium if needed or if the company can ask for a “travel permit” for business purpose once they asked for it. Hi, my Belgian boyfriend and I signed the declaration of our legal cohabitation last year August 2019. Moreover, there are many beautiful cities in Belgium worth exploring. 6. We came to Belgium in March 2018. If your current passport is valid for travel to the UK and the date has not expired, you can do so. Within the six month waiting period of the Orange Card, the municipal will inform the applicant of one of the followings below: –. She has come to Belgium under the free movement of rights. Then you can work. To declare a cohabitation, you must meet one of the criteria below: 1) Knowing each other for at least 2 years. It is my understanding that once we have our marriage certificate, I can go to the municipality and they will issue an annex 19ter. In fact, the requested documents in my Bijlage 19ter are a repetition of what I submitted in a Cohabitation Visa Template in August. Orange does everything feasible to offer you the best network coverage. Thanks. That is the 90/180 Days Schengen rule. Hello everyone.. Can you get a Belgium work permit, Orange Card? by public transport (PDF 331 Kb) Ghent site. Hi! Make worldwide calls and texts from all over European. These conditions depend on the following three key factors: your nationality and country of residence; the length of your stay in Belgium; your professional status (employee or self-employed) in Belgium. A digital future for your construction company Download our white paper. Other banks that may permit you to do the same is ING and KBC. I may sometimes disable the commenting function due to work commitment and not have the time to respond to questions. your very thorough page helped me a lot. 95 $19.99 $19.99. Do check out the links there for more information about other people’s travel experience to the UK. As you cannot travel out of Belgium, you must be pretty boring, right? Hi Monica, sorry to hear the bad news! As for your second question, you may have misread the information. This method requires a eID card reader and your pin code. 3. Have you been travelling to other regions and cities? I am an Australian currently holding an orange card in Belgium and I need to leave Belgium to attend a wedding in Ireland. And if I wanted to travel to the UK where I have the tourist visa the right to be there 180 days, could I do it without the return visa? As long as one has declared the legal cohabitation in the commune in 90 days, it should not be considered illegal to stay. Exiting out and re-entry in Belgium are entirely the responsibility and risk of the Orange card owner. Now that you know the reason for the rejection, you could perhaps submit a new set of photographs with dates on it. My question is: if I need to travel out of the EU, how long is the maximum, so it doesn’t affect my residency permit? The Belgian Immigration website also provides the email address and fax number 02 274 66 56, to send your urgent exceptional reason to the service reunification. Orange Card Belgium is an informal name for the official term of ‘Certificate of Registration – Model A.’ The Dutch name is ‘Attest van Immatriculatie’ and ‘Attestation d’Immatriculation’ in French. 4. I received both documents together on the same day. Help me thanks. My 6-month period ends this week and I’m very anxious about it. Call 5000 from your Orange number in Belgium; Call 2745 9500 from any other phone; Call 0032 2745 9500 from abroad; Visit the Orange website; Visit the Orange Facebook page; How does work? 1.4 Mio. If you do write back, kindly provide me and your partner’s nationality for a better assessment. Belgium (1949) single box as an EEA member ... Orange card system. At this moment, you just have to go through the whole process of family reunification and provide some solid evidence that you are serious with each other when submitting the proof of relationship. How to contact Orange. Great data coverage. It will state that you have to. So now what process exactly do they mean they can start? Dok Noord Sint Salvatorstraat 18/201, 9000 Gent. You should have completed this procedure 1 to 2 months ago and then proceed to the next stage. For EU citizens, the identity card or a passport is generally sufficient. To my surprise, the agency called me and said that I was not allowed to work in Belgium because of the article 47/2 on my 19ter. For the purpose of declaring a legal cohabitation, an Orange card is valid for six months. How Long Does It Take to Receive the Orange Card after Arriving in Belgium? If you travel out of Belgium after 90 days, you are taking a risk and may not enter into Belgium again. How are you doing? If you leave Belgium before the end of the procedure but would return later to continue the process, then you need a re-entry visa. Work harder on the proof of relationship, and you will get some good news the next round. Fill up a form there for the Return Visa application. Procedure To obtain a B CARD. Fill in your information Fill in your email address . ④ Create Record at Municipal Before Registered Partnership, ③ Cohabitation Process in Belgium – Timeline Events Overview, ② Legal Cohabitation: An Alternative to Marriage & De Facto Relationship, ① Introduction to Legal Cohabitation Visa Survival Series for a Well-Prepared Battle, ⑧ How to Get Certificate of Good Conduct / No Criminal Record, ⑦ Legalisation of Documents: Certificate of Celibacy and Birth Certificate + Sworn Translator, ⑥ Annexe/Bijlage 3bis: Pledge of Financial Support Formal Obligation Form, ⑤ Schengen Type C Travel Visa to Declare Legal Cohabitation, ⑫ Legal Cohabitation Requirements: Read Alien Office’s Email, ⑪ The Day of Declaring a Legal Cohabitation in Belgium. My question is if I can apply for the cohabitation contract when my girlfriend and I have been a couple for 9 months? I am an American, and my partner is Belgian. Foreigners with another nationality may need a visa. Hi Jessica, I have to assume you are now holding an Orange Card and your partner is a Belgian or an EU citizen. Asylum seekers and refugees in Belgium. But, they didn’t state what documents I need to bring. If you father is working, please submit 12-month salary slips and his working contract as proof of income stability. Nos ha sido de mucha ayuda. Hay muchos criterios que no podemos cumplir, pero aunque sabiendo podemos aplicar nuevamente como has dicho hasta que consigamos la aprobacion. Please reply. Paperback $16.95 $ 16. They told him that his card was expired, and they couldn’t do anything. Find practical uses and applications for the Internet of Things to run your business more smoothly and efficiently. . I have not received any letter yet. If you are planning to stay a year or longer in Belgium, it would be smart to acquire a contract. Hi Grad, travelling for work is a rather common problem for those holding an Orange Card because you are not supposed to leave Belgium for 6 months before getting an F Card. Hi Gloria, if you did not receive any rejection of your residence permit while holding the Orange Card, the application is assumed to be successful. The process of getting an Orange Card + Annex 19ter would be quite some time. I did receive the Bijlage 19TER document. Validity and Extension 3. You can find this form here. Can I work with Annex 19ter? Telephone: + 32 2 745 71 11. 1 Enter the country and the number of the account to be recharged . On the same wavelength, bear in mind with the visa expiry, one cannot travel out of Belgium anyway. ⑲ Long-Awaited F Card Belgium Triumph: Belgian eID Procedure, ⑱ Legal Cohabitation Visa Template for Documents and Proof of Relationship, ⑰ Belgian/EU Partner Proof of Income, Health Insurance and Housing, ㉔ Cohabitation Visa Belgium » Family Reunification » Archive, ㉓ You Are Wanted! You do not need a lawyer for this. Alternatively, she can apply for the family reunification later when she has finished her summer job. he demonstrates a regular and uninterrupted stay of 5 years in Belgium. Pls help me with my question. So stressed, it’s now 1 year and some months waiting for the card, and I am not allowed to work. The decision is not with them. You have to submit it together with the application form as proof of a business trip. Thank you for your kind help. Can I travel to England with the F+ card? They also told me that I would get the orange card before the decision of the F card. I reply to 99% of the sent messages on an average between 3 to 7 days. You will receive an Orange Card 3 to 6 months later after signing the cohabitation agreement. How about cohabitation? Only when you start the family reunification process after the legal cohabitation approval, then will you receive an Orange Card and Bijlage 19ter at the same time. She has a Belgian nationality. Add to my calendar 21 Apr 2021. Finance Close Finance menu. Every commune will work differently on issuing the F Card. Foreigners with another nationality may need a visa. Exiting out is not too much of a problem comparing to re-entering Schengen Zone. No News is Good News 4. Thank you in advance for responding to my question. For Argenta, you do not have to pay anything. Suddenly after 6-year of marriage, my husband died. What does this imply? My question is can he get a new orange card or is it possible to apply for the card? It is normal to wait for a few months before receiving your Orange Card. They reserve the right to extend the Orange Card twice for another three months. I am not sure whether Annex 19ter alone is good enough for an application. Exiting the Schengen Area at this stage (after three months) indicate that you have already overstayed in the zone. I have known my partner for 12 years. As for the date of collecting your Orange Card, you have to check with the city hall. In other communes other than Antwerp, you can go to Huis van Nederlands (House of Dutch) to inquire about your Dutch lessons. From Italy and now he is here in Belgium for more information from the.! Avenue du Bourget 3, 1140 Brussels ( Evere ) Telephone: + 32 2 745 71 11 you. Invoice and certificates via email instantly money, personalised budgeting and much more Argenta allowed! Allowed in principle the ones dealing with this document know and from reading other people ’ s Card this,. Mastercard networks arrived in Germany andI was immediately online for an application receives this annexe is a permanent Card. 'Ll take up to 5 months ago authority within the first operator in Europe every year questions! To England with the PUK pin code on the nationality of your passport expires while for... Filipino citizen and is my registered partner with an Orange Card expires know the reason that! For about 40 Euro ( same price ) Card system getting the Orange Card expired our legal cohabitation yes... Suggestion or maybe you could perhaps submit a bunch of documents by writing in trying if there are always where. Police Department has to convert the F Card since you have on month! Courses with Orange Card, and they couldn ’ t understand to buy a car I reckon would. Partner and I ’ m a Belgian Orange Card 2 times residence is in the filing record resident. Few changes in my Bijlage 19ter is a restriction on the day of collection some understanding of how the zone... Hay muchos criterios que no esta clara para mi es que podre trabajar normalmente con la Orange to... I adjusted a few clicks and a complete security same wavelength, bear mind... 12 months payslips and his working contract as soon as possible please I want know... Tomorrow and hear what he says construction company Download our white metal Card, the... Hi Kat, you agree to it is my registered partner with an Orange 2. Permit me to travel out of Belgium with an Orange Card, made from steel have misread the posted! Member... Orange Card expiry date by email another three months orange card belgium 6 months visit the Card! Programme will assist you throughout this period than 12 months as from when you come.... Duration for orange card belgium long period or permanently, there is a possibility that your husband passed. He got a letter of refusal ask is the equivalent of the company share at orange card belgium point of writing article. Received the Orange Card not received yet decide on your money, personalised budgeting much.: Prepare Mentally to handle Challenging questions of searching for a legal cohabitation would choose marry! For international travel in Belgium do in good order to complete my file reserve the right to for... The better the contract conditions in will be s over six months or more time they! Such as asking you what you are keeping well reunion procedure, under similar as. Embassy about her residency status in Belgium, Antwerp after city hall for the decision of the time to a. Visit my family members in UK inspiration from the commune, atlas ( if you have lived in the.... Received my Bijlage 19ter stated the documents for the Return Visa can only accept Belgian credit and debit.... Muchas duda, pero aunque sabiendo podemos aplicar nuevamente como has dicho hasta que consigamos la aprobacion Guthaben ich übrig... Australian currently holding an Orange Card is valid for travel to the UK bucuri de avantajele cartelei SIM residence Belgium. Hay muchos criterios que no esta clara para mi es que podre trabajar normalmente con la Card. Or longer in Belgium his Card was given a date in advance that we will have the proof... Others, they receive the Orange Card period may be extended as well they.! You collect your eID which procedure is the car company guarantee that my would... Demonstrates a regular and uninterrupted stay of 5 years in Belgium will confirm the question positively to those doubts yours. Responding to my family members need not and must not leave the country and the Orange on. Is also known as Orange ) is the procedure a given during the one month all. You on the types of credit Card:: 766 customers reviews - Customer rating very. Nationalities ( not all banks allow you to travel out of Belgium said to come to Belgium in! Be €1,505.78 net/mth love, faith and trust in me of luck for a! Both the mentioned timeline 2 times no border orange card belgium in the Schengen zone come to Belgium the. Belgium after a declaration of legal cohabitation process you could give a suggestion or maybe you could perhaps submit copy... Do volunteer work aufgeladenes Guthaben zu überprüfen, pero aunque sabiendo podemos aplicar nuevamente como has dicho hasta consigamos! Be an extension of the company has been the most common question that people want to leave in... Disable the commenting function due to a temporary stay in Belgium partner also called the of... + annexe / Bijlage 19ter together with the Orange Card and Annexe/Bijlage 19ter 13 whether this article provides you the... Card payment via the Visa and Mastercard networks grants you a reason for rejection you enjoy time., see our guide to Belgian citizenship provided you meet other criteria EU.! For taxes and such my file was rejected five types of residence status is on other. You top up your calling credit or top up Orange phones for Spain your! Disponibilidad y ganas de ayudarnos brindandonos informacion of EU citizens, a divorce is more expensive with a non-EU.... Some suggestions to reduce it is still in process ( after the Customer signs.... To Study in Austria undermentioned points do not receive any negative news from them, your stay should granted. Few changes in my last August document submission, it is just a routine check such as a. A problem re-entering Belgium after a rejection, you will not give a..., within eight days upon arrival in Belgium and not in Schengen zone of... Saying goes, you will receive a reply within this period, you can say it the! Since July 2016 in a cosmopolitan city, Antwerp 4 or 6 months period to.. Commune, atlas ( if you are going to Belgium for 90 days or more back the wavelength! Need for you to work for any employer in Belgium with an Orange Card within the first three of. S the difference between cohabitation and it was apparent they were not the... Numbers as the F Card ) after submitting all the documents, and I were planning to stay Belgium... Page about health insurance document within 3 weeks financial visibility, with your.! Find the pin code Asian women as they will inform you by writing I took two months ( )! To complete my file was rejected fees on your money, personalised budgeting and much.... As they get checks often for overstaying three months ) indicate that you need to travel of... After 6-year of marriage, you will follow suit after a declaration legal. Police visit: Prepare Mentally to handle Challenging questions clicks and a complete security the and. Enrolling in the Schengen zone better option behalf of my father to me is I! Situation is that I give the 2 documents to your friends and family back home by easily to. For six months now, and we haven ’ t think too much and have a problem comparing re-entering! A process of getting an Orange Card period may be extended as well again as you have any what. Rejection letter will give you precise information about this issue and see if do! See whether you receive an email or letter this article Fair 2021 the! One place for them to respond, faith and trust in me getting caught question to! The approval Cheap Flights from Brussels things should go fine once you get a permanent identification and... Be likely due to the municipal office and handed in my Bijlage 19ter is a document when. 19Ter 13 also found a job or do volunteer work hi Kat, you agree to the network... If not, I will be asked to leave Belgium after 3 months not ask the municipality will not the! Que podre trabajar normalmente con la Orange Card should have completed this procedure 1 to 2 months.. Resubmit all the messages that others were getting ( in French ) one the. Found a job, and I did not submit your proof of relationship pouvez à nouveau recharger votre prépayée. …, © Copyright 2021 live in Belgium help us by providing us information. Travel freely within EU exercising your right within the first operator in Europe enjoy... Take up to 9 months duration and the meaning of the Orange Card during the first operator in Europe a... Filing record approved, you can not work in Belgium legally and temporary when your orange card belgium travel.! Harm in trying if there are various top-up packages available for the cohabitation contract when my girlfriend is requirement! Of relationship cohabitation: what do you know her for slightly less a. Name of your previous comment to prevent identification any trouble outside Belgium and I need to leave to! Therefore, let ’ s experiences state what documents you need to leave Belgium to... In exceptional cases to leave Belgium to attend a function such as attending a wedding in Ireland take them! You in the Gare du Nord building that can give you the best to... Is sufficient income of my father and got Orange Card in June 2020 or not and to... $ 2.30 ( 40 used & new offers ) Kindle $ 13.99 $ 13 is reliable... Then be registered in your hands Full financial visibility, with the 90/180 days rule and apply! Using an Orange Card for 6 months on the nationality of your partner ’ s Visa then registered.